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    I need the parameters for a 1995 Puma 8S

    Call the MTB. They will have all this stuff for that exact machine. Brent
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    Loading programs from USB drive on Fanuc

    Yeah, I can't have any file extensions loading from USB. O0001 F-INPUT then execute. Should load as current program. Brent
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    Oi-Mate-TD - Automatic corner rounding

    I see it in the Doosan 0i-TD operators manual for this machine. But it's like you say, it'll run G1 with the R but just straight line moves. G42 give me a funky move I couldn't figure out. Lol. It's probably an extra option. Brent
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    Blunt Start Thread (Higbee) Questions

    I tried this on just a thread I made up. I run it on a GE Mark Centry 2000 just as a test about ten years ago. A discussion here prompted me to give it a whorl. I jacked around with it a couple times and this was about the best pull out I could get. To get it to come out looking like a fire hose...
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    Tangential tool holders versus traditional turning tool

    I follow this dudes YouTube channel. A couple videos he did on this insert style. I believe the second video was all with one tip. Brent
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    3/4"-14 NPSM Thread Data

    NPSM Threads are in the Machinist Handbook. Right after the tapered pipe threads. Brent
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    Tool Setting questions: Puma 4002LC

    I'm suprise it will let you do anything without zero turning both X and Z after a power up. Brent
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    Can you Peck + Chip break in Brother Speedio?

    You might be able to get away with just dwelling a short bit instead of actually pecking or pulling out any. I might trying mixing absolute and incremental programming. Repeating the pecking portions by calling a sub, retracting out completely at whatever absolute Z- distances of your choosing...
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    FWIW...the forum rules and guidelines stickies were getting out of hand, so

    A few years ago you used to strictly enforce members having their location listed on their profile. I see no reason why a member wouldn't want to list even a general location. I don't remember having an option when I joined up. Brent
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    Doosan lathe will it G84 Rigid tap?

    The information in Sinha's post below is what I use to get this machine to peck rigid tap. I'm just putting it here so I can find it. Carry on.... Brent
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    fanuc Oi Mate TC

    Assuming you're talking about canned cycles? Yes the roughing feed rate is in the second G71/G72 line of the canned cycle and you can't change the feed rate during the roughing part of canned cycles. You can call a G70 and put your finish feed rate on the P line. Then you can change the G70...
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    Longest,widest chips with machining parameters.

    When I first got started I accidentally run a 1/4" radius tool in the face of a part. Stopped the spindle dead on a J&L machine with a 24" chuck. I've kept this in my box over 30 years. Brent
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    OT: Log in problems

    I almost never have to login. Occasionally I log out just to make sure I remember my password. Brent
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    NOTICE - Practical Machinist down Mon. May 16 for 24 hours for forum software upgrade

    This feature seems to be back now for me. That was driving me nuts.
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    NOTICE - Practical Machinist down Mon. May 16 for 24 hours for forum software upgrade

    It appears I've lost this ability to alter this setting in my preferences. Is this just me or have others noticed this also?
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    New upgrades are great!

    It looks like members have the ability to change their username now.
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    Not a lathe guy. Q: Do you bar feed large diameter material?

    I wouldn't mind taking a peak at that thing too? Brent
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    Ban political discussions

    First things first,.. How's your non professional machinist section coming? This is OT btw. Brent
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    Deep Drilling Help

    I second aircraft style extension drill. I've drill and tapped a piece of round rod then threaded the end of drills and made my own long drills. Long drills with a bunch of flute length suck. Brent
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    Type 2 turning (pocket) on puma300c?

    Post all the roughing cycle code. Type 2 is a extra option that may not have been standard on the Puma 20 years ago. The P block has to have both an X/U and Z. If you don't have type 2 on your machine I wouldn't hesitate to do the thread relief in one stab with the finisher providing it's not...