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    Vacuum Plate Fixturing

    I also made my own vacuum fixtures, but it's been a while. Sometimes I used tooling tabs with holes for dowels and maybe even screws/bolts, outside of the vacuum area, to keep things from sliding around. Other way was to fence as much as possible. I tried to used cutters and cutting techniques...
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    WTB: Brother Speedio S500x, S700x, S1000x 10k or 16krpm spindle

    Something unusual or wrong. My I can't feel anything in the floor when my Brothers are running either. Maybe something was out of balance or the machine wasn't correctly installed/feet adjusted.
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    (2) Geometric Heads and dies for sale 5/16 & 9/16

    If the deal isn't done, I'll take them. I've been needing a couple of die heads for a while. Will send p.m.
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    WTB: Brother Speedio S500x, S700x, S1000x 10k or 16krpm spindle

    I have 2 450's, a 700 and a 500. If I had to have only 1 machine, it would be a 450. If you can't fit the work on it, I understand. Just don't want you to miss on something you might find useful. my first Brother was a 450, and it completely changed how I do stuff. Good luck!
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    How hard should a former be to work with cartridge brass?

    Expander plugs made from 12L14 to size, carburized, then polished to a mirror finish will work well, as noted above. Another old school reloader company did them this way for many years and they would last for hundreds of thousands of rounds. The case is harder than the 17-4, even at H900. The...
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    Aluminum Pricing and Availability

    If you buy larger quantities they will work with you a little. They haven't been as friendly as they used to be. Last couple of years they haven't combined weights for 6061 like they used to, another way to drive prices up. I usually quote EMJ and Fry. Some guys tell me IMS but I've never had...
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    Bobcad Dongle

    They went away from the dongle after v23, IIRC. Most likely if you have the software you will be fine with the dongle, that's how I remember it. I'm sure I have the disks, but you are far away.
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    Updating mill and lathe

    I'm in SoCal also - IMHO Yamazen is the gold standard for support. If stuff breaks, it can cost a lot in downtime and headaches. Been there, done that, never again. Brother and Takisawa machines just don't go down unless one creates the situation. Then Yamazen will provide phone support and get...
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    Burr Bench vibratory tumbler - cheap

    Works, but you'll need a bucket or whatever for liquid circulation. Pretty good size, tub is about 30 " long, 16" wide, about a foot deep, going by memory. Mfg by Abrasive finishing Inc. I'm located in east San Diego county. $250 cash. Can be moved easily with a pallet jack. Come and get it!
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    Finer bore finish needed

    Taking out .0015 isn't much. I used to hone brass tubing long ago with a Sunnen hone. Obviously if you only have a few, and don't have a hone, not worth it. We had some custom mandrels made. Worked really well. Don't know the job you are running, so just a thought.
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    Issue with part pulling off sub jaws at transfer

    Is the collet fully open before the sub/part retracts? If the collet is sticking closed a little, can you program a short dwell, and then a tiny movement toward the main to be sure it's released? Sorry if this isn't appropriate or a good idea for you. Just an idea. I have my first dual spindle...
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    Anyone using BobCadCam for mill/turn?

    I have a Takisawa on the way. So - anyone have experience with using their software for this? If not, you thoughts regarding an alternate? Thanks in advance!
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    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    When they started that stuff, I started looking at options. Sold all my Haas stuff. I too had problems with Haas machines I bought new, during and after warranty. The best Haas machines I had were built in 1998, a VF-2 and an HL-2. Stuff never ever breaks at a good time, and I was starting to...
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    Brother Speedio tool fretting

    I haven't seen if you torqued the collet - the number is fairly high for some. If it was me, I'd try a sidelock. I don't like taking heavier cuts in an end mill using a collet. I started out that way, even using the SK16, but found that sidelocks worked better for me. Haven't seen anyone say to...
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    Rigid Tapping small hole inconsistencies

    Agree on form tap - for this case it would be form tap only. As others noted, diameter before tapping is CRUCIAL. Some holes I've had to ream prior to tap, but it worth it. You can get beautiful strong threads, and not have to pull chips out of the holes - I hate doing that. especially when form...
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    VMC Purchase

    Brother does have the 1000 machine, which is big enough. I hate downtime, and zero downtime on my machines. Good luck!
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    VMC Purchase

    How big is your work? Is it too big for your SMM? What material? If you don't have to use huge cutters, get a Brother. I had a SMM, VF-2, MM2 with the HSM turned on, and a Robo. I went all in on Brother and could not be happier. Regarding service visits? None required. I did change some...
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    Tips and Tricks for running a Drill Tap machine more efficiently

    No. I would only do that if I had a machine that required me changing tools by hand, and had through holes in the part. Best drill for Al IMHO is the 3 flute MA Ford 229 series. 150 degree point, runs fast in speed and feed, hole sizes are good too. Also agree with those above suggesting form...
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    Takisawa 2-axis lathe(s) for sale So Cal, great condition

    Thanks, Pete! These are the really nice stout machines from Takisawa Japan. In case it was missed - they are box way. Super nice. I want to sell at least one to make room for the new machine. Zero issues. I love machines like this as I hate the stress of unreliable machines. Fanuc control of course.
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    My last Haas arrived.

    Same here, except I don't have to wait for the plane flight, I'm a bit closer. Price of Haas parts was getting less friendly all the time, quality of service also going down. Spoiled by Brother and Yamazen. When I went to a local shop to look before I bought the first one, they had never had a...