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    (2) Geometric Heads and dies for sale 5/16 & 9/16

    Gentlemen, as I said to rbahr in a pm, my father died just after this exchange. Just so you all know I'm not a flake and if it wasn't something like this I would have consummated the deal. If anyone knows of a similar set of die head/chasers I'm interested.
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    (2) Geometric Heads and dies for sale 5/16 & 9/16

    Hey mate, I'm interested in this, but not bought anything on PM before. How do we ensure everyone gets what they want? i.e. you get paid and I get the heads
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    Arboga E 830 drill press for parts.

    I have a pair of these old E825's. Fantastic machines, but Arboga is not supporting them anymore. Tried to get a foot switch for one (the other has one) but no luck. Nice for power tapping.
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    Arboga E 830 drill press for parts.

    If it has a foot switch, I'd buy that from you. I have a US shipping address if that helps
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    Brown and Sharpe micromaster 8 x 18 value?

    I'm with ekretz on this one. Mine cost me $259 cdn which is about $1.50 us. I got the original reciept with it which shows the gov spending $30k on it in 1981. However I think the other folks have the market value pegged better. $1500-2000 would be fair for that machine. Looks like low hours...
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    Question: What grade felt for oil filter?

    I had a similar situation with a Brown and Sharpe 618, the hydraulics are sent through a housing with six or eight 1/2" thick pieces of felt. The manual just has a part number in it. I asked around and no one could tell me what type or grade of felt to use. Finally I was told 'just wash them in...
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    Walker Electro Chuck repair question

    I did this very thing, bought a nice Walker 6x18 LBP. Wires coming out of it were rotten. Coolant had gotten past the seal/strain relief. I dug out the potting and traced the wires til I came to the original splice. Cut back past that and spliced new wire in. Soldered the joint and heat shrunk...
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    WTB: Hardinge HLV-H Taper Attachment

    Hey mate, I have an extra, pretty mint condition. Going to want a fair buck for it tho. Shoot me an email if you want pics.
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    Okuma LB-15; Error 117 Alarm-A chuck closing/opening

    I'm with cl742, I run an LB-10 and when changing inside to outside and sometimes even just large diameter changes, I have to move the proximity switches to tell the control the chuck is closed
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    Hardinge DS59 Geometric Die Head w/ Chasers

    Is anything happening with these die heads? I'm still interested, but haven't heard anything.
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    C18200 copper speed & feeds?

    Believe it or not, the secret sauce is butter. Or heavy cream. I learned that one here a while ago, and if you check an older machining reference, you'll see it there too. Super gummy copper loves milk fat. S&F prob not that much different than 'normal' copper but get some cream in yer squeeze...
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    Fusion 360 for turning...has it improved at all?

    lol, no kidding. My take is they are juuuuuuust marginally better than PC? Maybe not. However the reality is I am now invested and have been using fusion for a couple years now. Emanuel, I'm going to check out BobCad again, it's been a while since I looked at it. Sooo frustrating when the...
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    Fusion 360 RIPS OFF subscription customers by removing multiaxis tool paths

    I'm another pissed off user. The high handed way these guys force updates and provide no customer service (other than the other users!) makes my blood boil. I bought into this product and can live with the endless updates, but this is something else. One feature I now have to pay $1600 for...
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    Fusion 360 for turning...has it improved at all?

    Because I'm on a mac. And some of the stuff I do would be a nightmare to code by hand. I've done it in the past, but I would die of old age if I had to do it for the parts I'm making now.
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    Poor Aluminum quality

    Well this is a real eye opener for me. My shop has just gotten a big enough order to justify getting all domestic material for a large order, for me $5-6k in 6061. Ended up with Kaiser, Hydro and Service. Could not for the life of me figure out why I was getting such different results. From...
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    Fusion 360 for turning...has it improved at all?

    Marcus, I'm local to you and had a baptism of fire with Fusion last year. Older Okuma lathe, no post available, etc. Have to say, for not too complicated stuff on a 2 axis lathe, it works ok. Some perplexing methods of defining cutting areas, and non intuitive ways of getting the tool to do...
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    Fusion360 Internal Boring (Help)

    BAD, you have put your finger on it. fusion is a steaming mess. There are some good parts, but I regret buying into it. What you want is under the drilling function drop down. Fine boring, with shift. This pitches the tool an amount you can specify, I usually use .005" Not sure why you are...
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    Want to buy hardinge DSB or DSC lathe compound cross slide

    Hey Mate, I have a model DS-A, but it's incomplete. Needs the angled block and cam clamp on the lower scraped face. Not sure how to get photos on this site, but if you send me an email, I'll send them there. david
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    Hardinge DS59 Geometric Die Head w/ Chasers

    Hey mate, I understand there is a lot of concern about scammers, and I'm not particularly active on PM The only reason I'm on now is because I've had surgery and now out of action for a bit. I can send you pics of my shop if you would like some proof or whatever else you need. I'm good friends...