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    Information about this Blackenberry & Austin bench lathe ?

    Hi Ron, See my replies in this thread: https://metalworkforums.com/f65/t208236-free-lathes?highlight=franco Also check the Brackenbury and Austin information on the lathes.co.uk website - there is a list of the change gears supplied with my B & A (no.1049) in 1948 there. The original cross...
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    Miniature Antique Engine Lathe, unknown maker.

    Hi Lester, FWIW a 5/32 Whitworth male thread would screw into a 6-32 female thread, but would be a loose fit, and a 7/32 Whitworth thread is fairly close to a 10-24 UN thread - same TPI but slightly smaller diameter, so both those threads are probably Whitworth. 5/32W and 7/32W threads were...
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    Mini Lathe Identification (Australia)

    Possibly an early Advance? Advance lathe A slightly bigger Australian lathe is Brackenbury & Austin, which shares the cantilever bed, but yours is not B&A: I have one of these. The early English Myford lathes had a similar bed, as did a number of other hobby lathes. If you can't identify it...
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    Monumental Lathes in Public Places

    This one was used to produce the granite columns on many old buildings in Sydney Australia. Granite Lathe - Moruya Antique Tractor & Machinery Assoc. Inc. Frank.
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    Lathework for Gnomes

    Hi Jim, Many thanks for the link to Sir Peter Jackson's WW1 aircraft film. Here is the The Vintage Aviator Ltd (TVAL) website describing some of their engine and aircraft projects: The Vintage Aviator | However, in 2017 the Company suspended all sales due to an ongoing investigation - the...
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    Help with change gears

    Hi Daniel, Sorry, the forum won't let me post this - too big, though it is only 20.5 kb, the limit for this format is only 20 kilobytes. If you private message me with your email address I will attach a copy. I don't have a 63T gear. This can be used as a metric conversion gear in conjunction...
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    Help with change gears

    FWIW my Australian built Brackenbury and Austin lathe has an 8 tpi leadscrew, and the gears go up in 5 tooth increments. If anyone is interested I could post a copy of the thread chart, which is on another computer. It has the same gears as the OP's except that it has 2x20T gears and no 25T...
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    OT: Old solid rubber truck tires, no tread?

    I grew up in Sydney, Australia during WW2. There were still quite a lot of solid tired WW1 and early twenties trucks on the road. I don't recall anything but treadless tires on any of these. When new trucks for civilian use finally became available the oldies disappeared fairly quickly because...
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    Vintage benchtop lathe identification

    FWIW this image is from the Australian War Memorial Collection. Some further information here: Aitape, New Guinea. The versatile jeep, once more proves it is invaluable. New use is found for ... | Australian War Memorial I seem to remember reading elsewhere in a discussion about the photo that...
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    15/32 -18 ??? Thread size

    A couple of questions. !. Was the strut also replaced? 2. If so was it a genuine BMW part, or after market Chinese? If Chinese, all sorts of variations are possible: if genuine BMW, I really can't see why, on a fitting like a strut, assuming it is for a hood or trunk support, there could be...
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    Lithgow Small Arms Milling Machine

    Andrew, Suggest you try Metal Work Forums also. This is an Australian forum, so you might strike gold in the form of someone who has a similar machine - it's unlikely that any of these would have been exported to the USA if they were manufactured locally. I agree with PDW, who posted while I...
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    ot----fine instrument sales Fall 2019

    I have a survey instrument called an Alanap which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Circumferentor, picture 3 in the third series of photos, though it does not have (or need) the compass. Mr Google is uncharacteristically silent on this application of the name, though he does tell you...
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    need help identifying lathe.

    Here you are: Damco & AM Lathes Note the fairly large Vee belt pulley on the lathe in one of the photos, presumably to reduce the input speed from a 1425 RPM motor to maybe 350/450 RPM at the lathe. franco
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    Mystery Drilling Machine

    For drilling wire holes in wooden fence posts? There is a thread here: Cutting a coarse left hand thread. which describes a completely different fence post boring machine dating from WW1 period, but the spacing of the drills (actually augers in this case) appears to be similar. The machine was...
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    sticking morse taper #3

    Do the ones that stick have a threaded hole in the small end? If so screw a socket head cap screw or short piece of threaded rod in to it to increase the effective length so the ejector will work. franco
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    What is this old grooved-pulley clutching mechanism? How does it work?

    Hi Ian, Malcolm Moore used to make an non-hydraulic end loader for Fordson N tractors using this system, powered by the belt pulley drive. A factory where I used to work was still using a pre WW2 one in 1962. There is a photo in the first post and description in the second post of how it works...
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    Lathe on a Jeep

    New Guinea. See post #6
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    Lathe ID help Please

    FWIW a Canadian firm was selling Mysore Kirloskar lathes (made in India) at one stage, but I cannot remember who it was. I remember reading somewhere (probably here) that they still had some parts in stock at the time. I wonder if the K on the end of the bed is Kirloskar? Kirloskar information...
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    Whitworth thread question

    Could the " No 30" be a part number reference to the part drawing in the blueprint, or possibly a maker's part number, and not a TPI at all? Quote from Jim Christie: "A 5 BA thread has an outside diameter of 3.20 MM" Jim, I doubt that there is any likelihood that the thread would be BA, partly...
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    Toyota KC

    Looks like they pinched the idea from the WW1 Hucks Starter. Model T Ford Forum: Hucks Starter franco