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    Pratt & Whitney 16x36 lathe value

    You have a plain bearing model B denoted by the oilers on the headstock. No way 5K anywhere, more like 1 to 2K in that condition. I have several old lathes and in Arizona, never paid more than 2K. Better to figure out the wobble as it might be the plain headstock bearings which will have a...
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    OT- Suggestions on removing hydraulic oil stains from pervious concrete ? Hotsy ?

    I've been doing it for thirty years on many concrete surfaces not once was there any ill effect. Of course anyone doing this needs to be smart about it, no freezing weather, small amounts at a time, let the acetone soak in the oil, best in direct sun after warming up the surface, just enough to...
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    OT- Suggestions on removing hydraulic oil stains from pervious concrete ? Hotsy ?

    Here is my system and it works. I put acetone in a small squirt bottle and soak the oil stain keeping it wet then I set it on fire. It may take several cycles depending on how much oil and how old but it burns the oil out. Don't use anything but acetone as most everything else leaves behind a...
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    Atlas Copco compressor issue

    Replace the blow off valve.
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    Any suggestions to remove stuck plunger pin in an apron?

    I had a similar problem. I used small wire tube brushes to completely clean the hole and an end brush to get all the way to the pin, spray cleaner and air. In other words clean clean clean. Used a small flat end rod that fit the hole with a small drop of super glue on the end. Several...
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    Perfect Machine Company lathe

    Try posting with the Canadian guys, they might have a better info source. https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/
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    OT Spy balloon design and technology

    $50K missile? Try a $400K AIM-9 sidewinder missile. With the Nave recovery probably 3 to 5 million dollar mission to shoot down a cheap balloon, but we got money to burn don't we...
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    Lathe recommendation

    This guy over on the Canadian machinist site did an extensive report on small mills. Very helpful and I think he ended up ordering one from China. Find his report and experience here: https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/8x16-metal-lathe-buyers-guide.4238/
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    Bandsaw blades wider than machine allows

    I did it on my Powermatic, but the blade will hit the wheel doors when closed and saw through them so mods there. Other than that and some small mods to the guide wheels it works. Other thing is its very hard to get a wider blade installed through the table slot and then turned. I use the same...
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    Fireproof filter fabric?

    There is no such thing as fireproof material, only fire resistant. Maybe these people could help. https://www.airmaxind.com/blogs/news/dust-collector-filters-fire-retardant-vs-fire-resistant
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    Electrical Cabinet Corrosion - How bad is it?

    Use a product made to do that job such as Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound available most anywhere. All aluminum wire should be coated with it upon installation. And yes get that fixed before you have a real problem.
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    king kong HL:2000 lathe machine thread cutting chart

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    Source for paint and color.

    Like here maybe... https://www.ebay.com/itm/132813191347
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    Sealant/Glue for a Part Immersed in Gasoline

    Use aircraft fuel tank sealant. I have many times and it is impervious to fuel. They use it to seal the inside of fuel tanks. Two part. Several choices here. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/menus/cs/fueltanksealants.html
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    Polishing cast aluminum

    If it makes you happy to do and see it everytime you come into your shop I say do it. I do plenty of meaningless little things to my machines when I have the idle time, I like the results and I like the thinking it takes to make them 'my own'. So it takes some time, I think it will look good...
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    Troubles with an Amada saw, the repeat sticks.

    흐릿해서 그런대요 첨부 파일 선명한 것으로 다시 올려 주시면 감사합니다. Reads: It's blurry If you re-upload the attachment as a clear one thank you
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    OT- Need source for extra thick fender washers

    How hard did you look? Kidding! https://championbolt.com/shop/item/255-162/38-x-1-34-fender-washer-heavy-duty-18-thick-zinc
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    Best Auto Feed Drilling Machine

    I think Overland is correct Pmoore. I see your company makes several products that could be made on a modern CNC which might make them more competitive. All your saddle clamps of differing sizes could be fixtured and run on CNC quickly and efficiently. You might want to contact a machinery...
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    Converting 1-1/16"x16 threads to M27x1.5

    Well I believe the theory is that the insert expands with the first shot to lock it in. But I have also seen where they put a bit of red Loctite on the outside, fire and let it cool and set before ejecting the shell. Probably not fool proof but if you made your own you could size it to be...
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    Importing a lathe from overseas

    I used a customs broker that handled everything from the insurance, shipping, unloading at the dock and shipping to my door. There are several things you want an expert to handle, like insurance to crate materials, (bugs) or your item can get impounded by customs which can incur a daily storage...