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    What would you do differently if you could do it all again?

    make things a lot of dumb people can buy or things dumb people can produce. But especially, as mentioned above, Go in to finance.
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    What is you shop's overhead increase in the last year?

    Utilities are double. Aluminum about 50% higher. Steel, carbide, coolant, everything higher. Diesel in my state still about $5 a gallon. But remember. The child sniffer says it is "transitory"
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    Intellectual Property

    I would charge full shop rate for drawings and design. Once delivered I would say "I will credit x amount if you decide to use me as the manufacturer." I don't mind doing design work sometimes. Especially if something I design is not worth my time to build.
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    Building your own portable jib crane and OSHA/liability

    You can hire a PE with a stamp and perform the tests he recommends. It really is that easy. I did the drawings for a company that wanted to make their own and all they had to do was support 2 times the limit weight overnight and they passed the test.
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    Help With New Customer

    Tell them time and materials. No need to quote as they are looking at every other shop in the region. If they are desperate they will go that route.
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    What do you believe are baseline levels of complexity for an assembly

    As a job shop that charges hourly I welcome the most complex systems imaginable.
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    RFQ - What am I doing wrong?

    Looks like you skipped drafting class... 4 decimal places on an angular dimension? My first question would be... "How do you plan to measure this?" I would simplify as best I could. Sinker EDM electrodes won't even hold those tolerances. I think a good simplified design is in order...
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    How to move on from a vital position?

    Easy. Leave. They will fire you in a heartbeat when times are tough. Loyalty in employment is a thing of the past. Your responsibility is to yourself and your family.
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    Inventor wants to help us on his jobs in shop+sign NDA

    RUN AWAY! Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever worked for me with an "inventor."
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    Why do people dislike BobCad

    I got the Solidworks version a few years ago. It is fine for me. It is a good option for lower costs. It has always been a capable program for my 4 axis work and never had problems. Their support is fine and Al is very active on the CNC forums and youtube.
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    Where can I go to learn Solidworks and Mastercam? Is fusion 360 any good?

    Being a job shop I have phased out solidworks and mastercam completely for Fusion 360. I only keep those two for legacy work with a few customers.
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    Mastercam popularity

    Mastercam got in with the schools and for a while made it very easy to pirate for students. Personally. I would never use it if my clients didn't buy it. The interface is complete garbage. (Been using it professionally since 1994 and currently have the latest release) There is NOTHING...
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping

    I have never tried. I'll give it a shot on some pvc with a floating head just in case and report back
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    What mills run an HSK 63F tool holder?

    Italian router spindles
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    Blaser Synergy 735 coolant and impact on waycover plastic wipers

    Waycovers have wipers? In what universe??? /s...maybe
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    Machining wood in Haas VF2

    Don't do it. Farm it put to a shop that does wood. I am sure you can barter an exchange. You'll never get rid of the dust.
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    mach3 false limit switch triggers

    Grounding issues. Find your ground pin on you IO board and make sure everything is grounded together. There may also be a shielded cable which should have been grounded properly
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    Apprentices and the like

    Make him buy his own cutters. He will be very careful about his set ups and operations. Not so confident when A $300 endmill is in a spindle.
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    Stress relieving 17-4 annealed

    Just thinking.... Can you put them on a madrel, then do the slitting so they can't close, then heat on the mandrel before removing?