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    Shop Air Quality Filtration

    The HEPA filter stage can be a maintenance nightmare but that’s why it really depends on the mist collector. Some are pretty good at removing most of the oily vapor before the HEPA and the HEPA stage will last a long time without having to be replaced. I know ducting it outside is a solution but...
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    Shop Air Quality Filtration

    Depending on the type of coolant and amount that it's getting vaporized, a final HEPA stage can be a big improvement. Also, it really depends on the mist collectors you are running. Haas "enclosure exhaust" should be illegal the way it just dumps the coolant mist into the shop. It's also helpful...
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    New Machine, New Problems.... Spindle Error Codes

    I guess not "everywhere" but at least all the paces it should be based on the diagrams. Sounds like you might be on to something hooking up all the components of the machine first. I assumed that was already done. It's hard to say where all the power is routed and what checks and balances are...
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    looking for a VMC for work. What about a Hurco?

    Hs400 with constant tool change issues as well.
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    New Machine, New Problems.... Spindle Error Codes

    If you have the electrical diagrams it might be worth poking around to make sure voltage is present and within range everywhere. The actual messages that would be expected from something like a control circuit fault are only as good as the machine builder made them. I doubt this is the problem...
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    Cublex-42 tool setter cal

    Does anyone here have documentation on the Siemens-Matsuura- Renishaw tool setter that they would be willing to share. I’m trying to get the tool setter dialed in on a Cublex-42. It seems that Matsuura handled the integration on this using sub-routines of their own (930x). The Siemens tool...
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    How can I find out what options are installed on my Fanuc 0i-MD control?

    Fanuc can let you know what options are installed in the control but it will require sending them a parameter file from the control. It’s a pretty easy thing to do but as with all things fanuc, there will be a lot of back and fourth before you get the info you need.
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    Fanuc Control - send programs over ethernet idea

    This sounds like an interesting idea but I’ve never heard of something like this available. For a DIY home brew operation it might be something that is good enough to save a bit over the cost of upgrading Fanuc hardware. The data server option is the most robust way of running modern nc programs...
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    New Doosan/Fanuc user, with a bunch of controller questions

    I felt the same way for a while when I started on Fanuc then it becomes second nature. You'll get there as you use it more but it will always be inconvenient compared to Haas or others.. The thing with Fanuc that's just something to expect is lots of button presses. I'm constantly surprised by...
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    Matsuura VX-1000 Spindle Rebuild

    I've always been concerned with this but could never find a good way to really measure it during the install to be sure. I've done a handful of spindles now and all have been ok for the most part. Any tips on this besides the old school "spin it at 1000 rpm with the motor bolts loose and then...
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    Hurco 5 axis simultaneous - rippled surface.

    I agree. Programming has a lot to do with it. It’s easy to blame the machine for poor surface quality and sometimes the machine is to blame but when it comes to doing full 5, there is a lot more riding on the software to tell the machine what to do. I’m not familiar with Hurco and what should be...
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    Haas VF2 will not boot up

    You'd think that, until they aren't... Agreed, sounds software related. The main contactor or green power button control power to everything. When those go bad, nothing turns on at all.
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    Haas NGC and probe variable outputs

    The Haas probing cycles are riddled with typos. On NGC they like to update them with software updates so depending on software version, there might be a different set of issues on different machines. If something doesn't seem right, it might not be. Unless you are familiar with the probing...
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    Spindle warmup programs

    Yes, typically the case on most. Air-oil lubed spindles need a little bit of time running before the lube gets flowing again. A few minutes is all it takes. It certainly isn't a "warm-up" since the spindle shouldn't change temperature too much in the 10 minutes or so of free spinning.
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    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    They miscalculated the exploding point on our VF4. I'm sure it was intended to explode when someone was sitting at the desk a few feet from the cabinet, or when someone was poking their head in to check lube levels.
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    3rd party machine inspection in NYC area?

    Wire plus facetime... psh, I don't know now.
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    3rd party machine inspection in NYC area?

    I typically get sent out to inspect all $100k+ cnc purchases for our shop. I was in Boston just last week for one. It sounds like this might be a waste of time but I will be in Queens next week. Yes, Brooklyn is big but I’d start the clock the second I leave the apartment so that doesn’t matter...
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    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    I agree, most linear systems actually have an increased load capacity using grease vs oil according to the spec sheets. Our Matsuuras use the MT1. It never gets hard and is still flowing strong on our machine with 40k spindle hours on it. I always keep an extra tube at my desk to wave around at...
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    HAAS Tool Probe Calibration Problem

    Calibrating the tool probe shouldn't require any macro variable changes. VPS has all the inputs required - T#, gauge length, diameter. Sounds like something is screwed up because variables have been changed that shouldn't have been changed, inputs on the VPS menu are wrong, there is a bug in the...
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    Renishaw OMP400 repair

    OMP40s are noticeably inaccurate probing 3d surfaces compared to the OMP400. Try probing the center of a calibration ball a few times with each and compare the results. The last Renishaw repair quote for one of our OMP40s that got coolant in it through a leak somewhere was over $1000.