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  1. Frank Ford

    tap handle for 4-40 thread

    I made this hand tap holder and used it for a while: As I started doing more with small taps, I put together this small hand tapper, with a removable T-handle that allows me to use my power screwdriver to run the taps in and out quicky:
  2. Frank Ford

    OT- I want to make my own peppermill, got any tips?

    Years ago I complained to a friend about my inability to find a decent pepper grinder. His response: "There aren't any. Get yourself a travel coffee grinder." I found a nice brass one, replaced the crank handle with a big brass knurled top and gave it a brass base. It's been a faithful...
  3. Frank Ford

    Sharpening Jewelers Saw Blades

    I'd give a call to Boggs Tool - they sharpen files using a steam/pressure abrasive process. They've done a great job on our tiny fine tooth jeweler files as well as all the larger sizes. Prices are really favorable! Haven't asked about saw blades, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they...
  4. Frank Ford

    Large diameter ball end mill on a standard Bridgeport mill

    Is this cheating? I didn't have a big ball end mill, so I cranked up the speed and used a 1-1/2" diameter wood router core box bit:
  5. Frank Ford

    OT: Releasable Wood Glue

    A classic technique is to use thinned wood glue (hite glue, hide, or whatever) and stick the part down using a gasket of heavy construction paper - you know the kind we used as kids, thick spongy, felt-like. I use a piece torn form a heavy paper shopping bag. Be sparing with the glue - just a...
  6. Frank Ford

    Lathe jaw covers to make "soft jaws"

    Acting on a tip from an old post in this forum (I think) I picked up a square foot or two of 1/8" thick lead from McMaster-Carr. It's been amazingly useful for padding chuck or vise jaws, and won't scratch or scar anything. Cut with scissors, fold it around, double it up, or whatever. . .
  7. Frank Ford

    A new method to apply cutting fluid

    I've used a simple squeeze bottle with a cheap acid brush jammed on the end - the oil goes through the handle and runs down the bristles: To get right down into small pareting groove, I have another bottle with a heavy gauge hypodermic needle:
  8. Frank Ford

    Vibratory Tumbler finishing - Brass - Questions

    I make batches of small brass parts, some with rope knurling or other decorative bits, and toss them into a small round vibratory tumbler with crushed walnut shells (lizard bedding from the pet store) and squirt in some Flits polish. Overnight they get a nice high shine. If memory serves...
  9. Frank Ford

    Making a pivot hinge

    I've made any number of this kind of thing (usually smaller) with a simple rivet and a Belleville spring washer on each side.
  10. Frank Ford

    BXA toolholder, why dog point screws?

    I've replaced a number of the cheesy tool holder set screws with regular USA hex cap screws. Is there any reason to use set screws?
  11. Frank Ford

    Tri Flow.. explain the name

    Yep, I'd say it's from the claimed action: " triple action cleaning, protecting and lubricating," Just like 3-in-1 oill, which also cleans protects and lubricates:
  12. Frank Ford

    Heat Treatment Shop in Western US - Small Batches

    I've used Byington a few times for small batches of things - a shoebox full or less. I was well-treated, as was the steel: Metal Heat Treating Services | Byington Steel
  13. Frank Ford

    3/16" Character Steel Stamp Set – Letters & Figures

    Some years ago I thought it would be cool to have sets in different sizes, so I started haunting eBay. I found that by restricting my search to "Hoggson" brand, I was assured of really good quality stamps. Took a while but I eventually found everything I wanted, and the prices were favorable. . .
  14. Frank Ford

    OT- Do any surgical anti snoring procedures actually work ?

    30 years ago I had uvulopalatopharyngoplasty to help correct snoring and sleep. No question about it - I had immediate and, I presume, permanent improvement. I also had a really impressively sore throat for a few days afterward, but chocolate malts helped that a bit. No ill effects in the...
  15. Frank Ford

    Slicing vulcanized hockey pucks (duro 90) into coasters

    I reckon I'd epoxy the puck to a backing board, stick a nice new blade on my wood cutting band saw, and slice it against the fence. I cut a rubber bowling ball in half that way - safely and easily.
  16. Frank Ford

    Super basic question regarding hand files

    I know it's been mentioned any number of times before, but you can get files resharpened, using 100+ year old process of steam/abrasive blasting. Any type or size. I just box up my old files and send them along with a note indicating how many are in the box, and a while later they come back...
  17. Frank Ford

    O/T? an answer to the imperial/metric measurement problem

    It's a digital hybrid calculator. No longer will we need to choose whether to measure in either metric or inch decimals: LMI Hybrid Measuring System – Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc.
  18. Frank Ford

    Mosler Safe Weight & Moving

    I moved a similarly big old safe a while back. Figured if I lifted one pair of legs off the ground, that would be about 50% of the total weight. So I took a long lever (a hardwood board), and used a sizeable round pipe as a fulcrum to lift it off the ground on one end. I adjusted the fulcrum...
  19. Frank Ford

    Purpose of odd 2-jaw chuck?

    Mine gets a fair amount of use holding 3/4" square acrylic when I'm making my crank handles:
  20. Frank Ford

    OT- Drivers Ed. - Who would be found at fault in the following scenario ?

    I'd bet on the exact nature of the collision being an important factor. If the car hit you with its front end, it might be judged his fault. If the car got scraped by your rear end on the side as it went past, maybe your fault.