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    Dynapath Delta 40M Serial Port

    Hi everyone! Greetings from Argentina! Hope you are well. I'm a student, currently I'm doing a intership here at my University and the CNC Lab has a milling machine which model is "Chevallier Falcon 63-R" with a Dynapath Delta 40M controller. The machine is going to be restaured and I am...
  2. J

    Help with an EDM machine

    Thanks, I was looking for the carbide. In the manual in some "tiny letters", I found the carbide's type. It's a YG6 (FCC3), a tungsten carbide. Thanks for your help, it was useful to learn new things about this machine! Cheers.
  3. J

    Help with an EDM machine

    Yes, correct, this machine uses a molybdenum wire. In the manual doesn't show anything about G00 command so I suppose it doesn't accept that command but the manual isn't very clear in some aspects, so I tried to asking here if someone knows about this machine. I am not very good explaining but...
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    Help with an EDM machine

    Hello! Greetings from Argentina. I'm a student in Mechanics Engineering and I'm currently doing a internship at CNC Lab (the University has mill, lathe, EDM). I'm having some questions about a machine which model is SHENZHEN FIRST DK7740FZXM (it's rebranded but I figured out to find the real...