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    Compact II

    I think the plasma was Linde. I know the control was Boston Digital that read punched tapes. That control had the ability to back up along the cutter path say if the torch flamed out. It had a rudimentary cutter width compensation but we made more accurate parts by offsetting the tool path by...
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    Moved Machine Shop to House, Air Compressor Problem

    What cfm does the Robodrill require? Somehow I think your compressor is way oversized for its needs.
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    CNC Lathe only moves half the required distance

    As a mill programmer it is initially disconcerting to do a 90 degree arc with X twice as large as Z. But you get used to it.
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    Utility of G53?

    G53 comes up as an illegal code on my 6MB even though there seems to be a place for it in the machine offset table.
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    Facemilling large flat plate of titanium

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    Machining Renshape 5060.

    From my experience it machines beautifully and you can go as fast as acceptable scallop height will allow. My machine had limited rpm (3500) so I can't say how it would work with a high speed spindle.
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    Fanuc 3M Limited Memory / Drip Feed Solution

    We fitted our 6MB with a Memex board 512 k in 1990 and it still works fine. They told me that 512 k was the max for that control.
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    TPF to Degrees?

    The math for taper calculations is really simple. That said the results are less than user friendly at least on an engine lathe. 3/4 tpf (common for lots of stuff) works out to 1.79 degrees not all that easy to set a compound slide to.
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    Handle 36" x 36" plate

    After working on a 30 x 16 VMC with its size limitations we bought a Haas GR510 router. It actually works great for milling aluminum and having 10' x 5' travel opened up all sorts of doors. The Haas has a cat 40 spindle although not a lot of Z travel.
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    Handle 36" x 36" plate

    Do you have 18" of Y travel? If so maybe do the part in two setups. If not send it out to someone who does.
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    How to maintain +-.001 tolerance on Teflon?

    Once again I'll state that there has to be greater interaction between manufacturers and designers. A 0.001" toleranced part made of of pretty much any plastic is just such an example.
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    Locate a 3 jaw chuck on a vertical CNC mill table.

    I normally kept two 6" Kurts on the table. Bought a four jaw (self centering) scroll chuck and mounted it to about 2' of 1 x 6 bar. Drop this into the two vises and ready to go. (After dialing in the chuck). As previously mentioned this also gives room for longer stock.
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    Locate a 3 jaw chuck on a vertical CNC mill table.

    You might as well dial in a short piece of round stock. With the keyed plate will you ever really KNOW it's centered?
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    Cnc mill average part size?

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    Push Brooms--Which ones do you prefer?

    I have two push brooms one with natural and the other with synthetic bristles. Now going to try a traditional corn broom to see how that works. Narrow push brooms (maybe 12-16" width) seem to work best for me.
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    CSS Formula

    When reading this litany of posts (which method is "better") remember that the actual cutting speed for any material is really a best guess as to what speed won't burn up the tool, really nothing more. Years ago Valenite published a cutting speed chart we had posted in our shop with SFM values...
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    Graziano SAG14 Compound

    My advice would be to avoid the adjustable reamer. We bought one and found it did more damage than good. Remember too that this is not a quickly rotating shaft/bearing situation; the compound screw is turned very slowly.
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    Set chuck to ID

    On our Victor CNC lathe the inside/outside chucking switch is on the machine's sheet metal and is activated with a key.
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    Haas Tool Offset Measure

    Setting offsets as a beginner using a toolsetter is kind of like measuring sample parts with a digital caliper rather than learning to read a vernier caliper or standard micrometer. Once you learn those basic principles you can always go to the electronic measurers or toolsetter. At my school...
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    Using V-point Threading Inserts on CNC Turning Center

    I've mentioned this before, but when using three wires the "M" value gives you the maximum pitch diameter for a class three thread. Drew it out on the computer to check. So if you are trying for any reasonable class two fit, "M" has to be reduced accordingly.