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    Fanuc OMC Multi-Probe Install Best 24VDC Location Help

    I‘m not familiar with the cabinets of that builder, but typically I stay away from control sourced 24v for probes or any other machine accessories. Many machines I work with have two 24V power supplies, one is “dirty” and is used for machine accessories and valves, the other one is regarded as...
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    Anyone probe parts on mill/turn lathe?

    Yes, I just did a turn key for a customer on a Nakamura lathe with one. It’s as awesome as you would think. Really made we wonder why you don’t see it on lathes more often. Talk with your machine tool dealer to see if there is a probing option available for your lathe, or look in the manuals...
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    Fanuc 21i-TB parameters locked

    This sounds like the builder is forcing PWE off via the ladder. I would go into the keep relays to see if they happened to label the one that will disable holding the PWE parameter to 0. You may call the local distributor for that machine and they may be able to guide you further.
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    Fanuc always returns to G54

    3407#6=1 is what I have in my notes.
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    Macro B Adjusting Work Offset Program Help

    Yes, good eye! Cancel parameter input with G11. OP, try moving the G90 above as well. I also typically use system variables myself but I don’t believe you can fire other commands in conjunction with the G10 line. It may help in this instance just to start from that line of code. Remove the...
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    Macro B Adjusting Work Offset Program Help

    I see a few points to look at here. Try moving your N10 above your G10 line. Also it looks to me like you may be more of a mill guy than a lathe guy?:D If that’s really a lathe control, G90 isn’t used for absolute/incremental. Fanuc lathes use U and W for incremental, X and Z are absolute...
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    M198? reading sub from external card

    What control model do you have? Some machine tool builders will utilize the code M198 for other purposes. There is a parameter for stating which M code the builder has set to use it. I've got it as parameter 6030 in the OiD manual.
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    [B]Fanuc 31i memory space[/B]

    Deleting software won't help here, it's program memory you're after. Along with what TWR said, you could also drip feed from the memory card. It uses the same syntax as calling a sub program.
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    Hoping for help on some FANUC Parameters...

    Whoa. I'd start looking in the pitch error parameters for football shaped holes. That makes me think those parameters are for a different machine.
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    Hoping for help on some FANUC Parameters...

    Some builders put a hard copy of the parameters in the electrical cabinet with the control documentation. Outside of that, the parameter book is GFZ-63840EN/03. For comparisons sake did you try a program that worked before the parameter wipe? It looks like "Methods and Equipment" is your...
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    Chatter while parting off aluminum.

    Same here. From there I'd suggest swapping the parting blade... Especially since you're going to an ID, you should be able to get a much more rigid tool. Off hand the Iscar pentagram tool should be able to make that cut.
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    Chatter while parting off aluminum.

    Since you have an ID you're parting off to, are you using an insert with slanted geometry? I've always had better luck with surface finish with a neutral geometry insert. You'll end up with a ring style burr on the ID, though it should be able to be pulled off with pliers.
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    Elaborate Family of Parts... Need Help

    Got it, use N numbers that match the variable. (Fixture 1) GOTO N#500 N200(Part No. 200) M98 P1000 This way you would only have to write the 200 parts once, and then you would copy and paste it for the different fixture positions.
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    Elaborate Family of Parts... Need Help

    N2 IF#500=1 GOTO 3; M98 P1000 N3 IF#501=2 GOTO 4; M98 P1001 This would involve every possibility for each fixture position. 4,000 combinations! Screw that we don't have time for all that. That would take some time to layout but would be worth it in the end. I like the nested sub routines...
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    Elaborate Family of Parts... Need Help

    As for making it as easy as possible, you could always macro the sub calls, and have the operator type in the 20 variables. You would end up with a table of part numbers to variables. I see a lot of shops doing this in my area that don't trust operators to make actual program edits.
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    Elaborate Family of Parts... Need Help

    With the work offsets I don't see any harm in running one and adding to it. You would essentially end up with a main program calling 20 subs. O0001 G50 X2. M98 P1000 G50 X4. M98 P1001 etc... If you receive the order in the morning, just adjust your main program to call the correct programs...
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    Elaborate Family of Parts... Need Help

    From the work coordinate offsets I'm picturing a multiple pallet setup? How many parts can you run on the table at once? Since all of the parts are already programmed, this screams for a sub routine. I'm thinking a main program with subroutine calls and the work offset adjustment. Since it...
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    LNS Hydrobar 6.32 Used

    We have a LNS Hydrobar 6.32 available for sale, it's had about 6 months use. No issues at all, still looks new. Brochure available : http://www.lns-america.com/modules/shop/showFile.asp?FieldName=File1_LNG1&ID=140 Available for inspection at our Indianapolis location. Email...