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    Inside out reamer?

    My personal experience with 3D printed gears in PLA is to jam a twist drill through the center hole as fast as possible rather than try to use a straight flute reamer to bring the center hole to size. Might tell you something about the needed cutter geometry and chip load.
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    "Commonly" found items that contain magnesium (metal)?

    Fresh titanium chips will burn as well. If you can come into some stringy lathe chips you might be set.
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    Wire EDM & milling software

    I have been pleased with Mastercam's WEDM programing with our Mitsubishi FX10. It has the Epacks built into the cut setup/selection and the speeds and feeds for the wire seem to be dead on straight from the post. On the milling side I have also been pleased with mastercam but I am using it to...
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    Should a machinist do quoting for the owner of company?

    From post #1 first 2 sentences: So a quick overview. I work for a smaller size fab shop with around 15 employees on the floor and I run the machining department myself as I am the only machinist there. I don't think they have 15 machines just for OP.
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    Help with CAD and small brass gear

    You should be able to program 1 tooth profile and either copy, rotate or use a subprogram to rotate the profile around the center.
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    How to properly manually program chamfers and radii on a lathe

    If you are using G41/G42 (tool nose radius compensation) make sure your are using the correct G code and have the correct tool nose radius values in your tool offsets. Then just program to the numbers. Some machines will let you program square corners and add a " ,R.03 " to add a .03 radius...
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    Value of machine Benchmaster Vertical Mill

    Where is "Around Here"? Location makes a big difference.
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    1018 replacement for fittings?

    I was under the impression that both 11xx and 12xx series steel were not recommended for welding due to their sulfur content.
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    1018 replacement for fittings?

    4130 and 8620 are both a bit better than 1018 and are still considered weldable.
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    Angled saw cut on center.

    Drill a hole on the center line of the part and halfway between the 2 faces. Then use that to line up the saw blade set at the correct angle. A fence could be set up for repeat jobs. If more accuracy is needed a saw might not be the correct tool. Maybe a horizontal mill with a slitting saw...
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    How to machine this internal keyway?

    I have done similar on a 1/4" keyway using a lathe to shape the slot. I believe I used a .001 radial stepover, so it wasn't fast by any means. The ID groove should allow the chip to break. Just make sure to get the groove deburred. (FYI: that was a scrap part used for practice.)
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    My Doodlebug tractor

    Autistic is only dismissive if that is the way you intend to use it.
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    My experience with peppermint oil is that it will keep mice from moving in but won't force them out once established.
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    Retired. What to charge for programming from home?

    Because you pay someone $150/hour only when you need them instead of $30/hour + benefits 40some hours a week, 52 weeks a year.
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    Tools to Make Gears on 3+1-Axis Mill or Live Tool Lathe

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    How to remove a seized internal snap ring placed in bore aluminum tube.

    Have you tried swearing at it? That is usually my first step. I agree with the Kroil and heat. That is usually my next step.
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    MSC engine lathe recommendations

    You all do realize Emmanuel Goldstein is a troll account right? Granted I do often enjoy his rants. A different perspective i guess. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Goldstein
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    Part Layout Hacks/Tools/Techniques

    Fixed the print for ya .
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    Looking for 7" dia thick wall steel tube for bearing housing

    Bump up the feed and depth of cut till your chips are 6s and 9s.