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    cone and spindle grease

    were the spec's for the original grease not available to find a reliable alternative? with all the synthetic lubricants available today I find it hard to believe there are no viable substitutes. (I was thinking of using Dupont Krytox but I have been using oil forever and don't seem to have any...
  2. J

    .308 shot out barrel donor rechamber ?

    Glad to be of some help. I think the general consensus is to use some form of floating reamer holder to give you the best chance of perfectly centering the tool, but it seems like people have been using so many methods and getting good results it hard to say what really is the best way I think. Jim
  3. J

    .308 shot out barrel donor rechamber ?

    info from this site may be of value: https://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/130-page-pdf-of-different-chambering-methods.3912170/
  4. J

    .308 shot out barrel donor rechamber ?

    if you are not adverse to switching calibers I would go with a 6.5 x 55mm swede. works perfectly in a long action, very accurate. Jim
  5. J

    Wick for SB9C

    send me a measurement of what you need, I think I have spare from my kit. If you send me a pm with your address i'll send you some. Jim
  6. J

    Fire from Chinese VFD

    I wasn't sure what to make of the original post, mainly concerning the prelude effects. I also wondered about not delving into the smell of burnt wiring mentioned. I have seen the effects of cross-firing IGBT's before, as you say, not pretty...
  7. J


    it unfortunately appears that we seldom have the will to look past the quarterly profit margin, and everything is for sale in this country, no matter what the long term effects may be.
  8. J

    Fire and Explosions from American VFD

    interesting tale, but what caused the blowout?
  9. J


    another loss to American manufacturing. Probably became redundant from competition supported by subsidies or just plain obsolete production methods. Either way, our industrial capacity is further diminished, probably irretrievably. Jim
  10. J

    SB 10L (1945) Mystery Squeak...Thoughts?

    I had no idea actually. I thought it might have beneficial use in the US congress...
  11. J

    SB 10L (1945) Mystery Squeak...Thoughts?

    monkey butt powder??
  12. J

    Are Colt police positive barrels "timed" to the frame?

    I agree with what Sharps said above. It is a family heirloom and really, when it comes down to it, how much are you going to shoot it. No criticism, curious though, have you shot it as is and how does it shoot?
  13. J

    My 10L up and running

    Nice job Scooter, welcome to the forum. You might want to consider a more rigid table for your machine, but it will probably be ok depending on what you are making. Jim
  14. J

    10L for sale in Phoenix AZ

    I have a 10L with that same base, with an L00 spindle. (looks more like the 20 year after picture itself...)
  15. J

    Ok, how is SIG making hybrid ammo?

    I wonder over time if there will be a dissimilar metals reaction.
  16. J

    Treasures from an Old Tool Chest

    years ago I worked with an older gentleman named John S Titlow. He taught me a lot and when he retired, I bought his tool boxes. I value the knowledge and still use some of his JST marked tools and fixtures. I can still hear the gruff old Marine sometimes. Semper Fi John, RIP
  17. J

    Thoughts on South Bend Junior 9 Worth

    does it have the change gears? the stand is nice but a little light, could be transferring some vibration. Bronze bearings for this lathe are not off the shelf items, adjusting to minimum clearance and checking that they were getting the proper amount of oil could solve the chatter issue, the...
  18. J

    Prepping/pressing new carriage hand wheel and shaft

    Kitno, what did you use as a datum point to machine the holes ? Thanks, Jim
  19. J

    Electric snafu. Restoring a 10" south bend. 3 phase 1 hp motor. Runs fine in forward, but kicks out after 5 minutes in reverse.

    if it is a phase converter that is generating the third leg it could be dropping out in reverse due to switching the line leads and causing a voltage imbalance on the generated leg. have you put a clampon ammeter on it to monitor the draw?
  20. J

    SB Heavy 10 - Tailstock Sanity Check

    doesn't it depend on the effect of bed wear and the position that one measures?