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    Estimate / rate to make some parts

    It’s called out as M10. That’s what they get. I don’t care how they drew it.
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    Estimate / rate to make some parts

    $14-16 ea
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    Raising rates/Inflation what have you done?

    I raised my shop rate 8%. I've also had to requote some jobs that I've done in the past to reflect higher matl costs. So far everyone is ok with it.
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    looking for cutter for manually cutting parallel grooves

    Edit: That’s not 50 grooves, that’s .05 spacing. Nevermind.
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    looking for cutter for manually cutting parallel grooves

    Might try to rig up something to hold a 1/4-20 tap sideways.
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    GD&T symbol?

    Just an alternative. Probably an older version of the GD&T ANSI spec. Black triangles seem to be a newer thing.
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    GD&T symbol?

    Datum A, correct.
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    How to control size of tiny chamfers/edge breaks on internal features such as small drilled holes?

    You could check it using face projection on a comparator, or if you don’t want to spend on that, just grind the high and low gage pin ends flat. You’ll feel the GO click in and the NO GO slide over the top.
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    UHMW "Burr" removal help

    For just fuzz I use my fingernail. Otherwise an X-acto knife.
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    Okuma 5020L Getting a program to run in Auto

    Pretty sure programs have to start with alphabetic character. Programs with other than .MIN extension won't show up by searching " * " ie: subprogram extension .SSB, or schedule program extension .SDF You search those with" *.* "
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    Okuma 5020L Getting a program to run in Auto

    On my U10l, F1 (program select) > * > WRITE Should show the whole directory. Highlight the program you want, press WRITE
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    Has anyone tried "Piece Work" to pay employees?

    Then you'll get guys who bust ass Mon-Thur and hide the extras so they can turn them in Fri and skate thru the day.
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    Dovetailing 2000x pieces

    Wouldn’t the dovetail cut thru the thin wall?
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    Quickbooks turns into ransomware, what Accounting software are you using ?

    I still use Peachtree. They stopped support in ‘12 and now they are Sage. It’s on an XP computer so I suppose I’m on borrowed time.
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    Clamping to an o-ring?

    It's called a down rod.
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    Best way to shorten a power hacksaw blade

    I’d use an endmill. Like you’re cutting out a busted tap.
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    Companies managing shop's time

    Same thing happened to me with my biggest customer. Had a meeting with the Pres. He tells me they use 2 shops. Mine and another. Both get about the same amount of work but the other shop is dropping the ball on quality and delivery. He wants to send it all to me but is afraid I can't handle...
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    First time making a Macro Program

    So you do need to change which tool you're using to rough turn. OK, use a variable. You need to change the depth of each facing pass depending on which particular part number you're running? OK, use a variable. Why not just use a G72 facing cycle and hard code your DOC in there? Same with G71...
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    First time making a Macro Program

    If those variables remain constant then put them in the code. Do you plan on rough turning each part with a different tool? No? Then use T1010 in your sub. Do you plan on rapiding to a different approach point every time you spot drill? No? Then hard code it in the sub. That's what I'm...
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    First time making a Macro Program

    Most of those variables are useless because they are going to be hard coded into your main program.