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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    Nice shaper, too.
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    South bend Series O Refurbishment Help Needed

    What you want is called a "back plate", and you usually can buy them already threaded to your spindle nose - You then machine them, on your lathe, to fit your chuck. You can also get blank, un-threaded ones. In your case, the 1 5/8" nose will make it hard to find one already threaded - I looked...
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    Preffered Cleaner Degreaser For Cleaning Old Machines & etc

    For large disassembled pieces - Outside, sprayed with purple, green, yellow, etc, stuff, or oven cleaner - Let soak and then pressure wash, blow dry with compressed air. For smaller things, like the OP's dividing head, I have a parts washing tank, with this low VOC parts cleaner solvent from...
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    Can anyone Identify this old lathe?

    I think you should be resigned to just use as a wood lathe - It's missing too much to use for metal work.
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    Hook Bolt?

    Could you make some from standard T-slot bolts, with some simple machining? : https://www.mcmaster.com/products/t-slot-bolts/t-slot-bolts-4/
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    Clausing Lathe ID Help Needed

    I have an older one, with the cast iron legs. Not really heavy - Just guessing maybe 600 lbs +/-, maybe less. Lift one side at a time, put some 2x skids under the feet, and it shouldn't be a big deal.
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    Hendey Planer & Shaper way drip cups

    The pipe / post end cap idea is a good one - This company makes them in various sizes in plain steel and stainless - here's a 4" steel one : https://shop.wagnercompanies.com/end-cap-3225-2
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    OT: Antique electrical generator

    This would produce DC ?
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    Need info on GE 70808 mill. Never saw one before

    It's actually not a bad size for a small shop, and looks like a relatively simple machine to work on - I've seen worse looking ones brought back to usefulness.
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    Is this a Kennedy Tool Box?

    The brown wrinkle "touch up" paint from Kennedy is / was brutally expensive, if it's still even available. I've heard of some people repainting the boxes with the more common black wrinkle VHT paint, and then overcoating the wrinkle with brown. But I agree with the others that say that you...
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    Sheldon Lathe US-56-B, Info

    Also, you might look for info over at the Sheldon IO group : https://groups.io/g/sheldonlathe
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    If you have enough of them, for long enough, hantavirus can be a problem, also. NOT a nice disease : https://www.cdc.gov/hantavirus/index.html
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    I knew a guy (long since deceased), that lived in a run down, rent controlled apartment, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NYC. After his death, a friend of his told me that the guy used to do that with rats, sitting up with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a .22 pistol. He'd put a red light...
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    For mice, peanut butter usually works, but only limited success with our local rats. THEN, we started hot gluing a pecan half to the pedal - That worked like a charm :~)
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    Niles camelback drill on Municibid

    Could be just a bent bit - The person writing up the bid description may not have known how to get the bit out of the taper to check it with another one. Obviously, personal inspection is needed.
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    Older Index Mill on HGR

    Hmm - Reduced to $692. Could be a deal for someone...... Maybe :~)
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    Cincinnati no 1 1/2

    Looks like it has a vertical head ?
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    Can anyone ID this piece of equipment

    I think you're right, ratbldr427 ! After I saw your post, I showed the photo to my wife, who once worked in the print shop of a small newspaper - She said the bar at the left hand end would have held a huge roll of paper, or maybe was a guide roller for a roll in the center, which was fed over...
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    camel back drill press

    Seems like that place is more interested in it's value as a cocktail table, than as a drill.