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    Leather vs synthetic flat belts

    I have been very happy with the gear or timing belt turned teeth out that I put on my 10" Logan 25 years ago. Good traction if kept oil free and silent. No stretch.
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    Catskill Mountain Railroad

    I tried using the link and got a message "cannot be reached". Have you been "canceled"?
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    inherited south bend lathe - clueless

    I agree with the keep it folks. Please don't take offence at this. Don't be afraid to oil it. Too much oil is way better than not enough. There in nothing on the lathe oil will hurt except the belts and motor. I have noticed a lot of wood working folks seem allergic to grease and oil and their...
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    Seneca Falls Star Lathe 11”

    Joe, you gave much good advise. I would only add that when grinding tool bits they need to be stoned after. L look through a 10 X loupe will show the benefit of stoning with a fine stone to get rid of the grinding marks.
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    14x6 Hendey Tiebar. A Ghost From My Past.

    Let's hear about transporting it. In a van?
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    Help Identifying Change Gears

    The 127 tooth gear along with a 100 or 50 would be used to convert it to cut metric threads.
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    1919 sebastian lathe value

    You can do a lot of good work/projects on a home shop basis with a lathe like that. If you are a mechanical type and want to keep it get the book by Southbend HOW TO RUN A LATHE. Find out how and where to oil/lube it. There is nothing oil will hurt except the motor and switch. Too much oil is...
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    Foot powered sliding gap bed lathe

    That should never go to china.
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    Motor Recommendation for 16" Flather Lathe

    V belts will work on a large diameter flat pully especially one made of wood as the wood has good "traction" for the belt. and a lot of wrap gives it grip. You could make one of laminated plywood any diameter you wanted bolting it to an existing pully or a flanged hub.
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    Hendey 12 " Shaper questions

    Ahall mentioned about cranking over the shaper before starting if you are unsure. I crank mine over a cycle if I have changed ANYTHING. Always.
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    smith barker and willson lathe

    If the other pulley has a crown and they are in perfect alignment it might work with a flat (no crown)as shown. A slight crown makes the belt want to center on the crown though and will be better in the end.
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    Help Identifying old Lathe

    I hope it has a stack of change gears.
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    Lathe identification

    To learn about running the lathe find a copy of the South Bend booklet "How To Run A Lathe". Copies on line I believe. If you want to keep in in the family and have a useful tool this is a good place to start.
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    W.F. & J Barnes No 13 lathe questions

    I "rubber" gear belt or "timing" belt turned teeth side out will work better than leather, grips better, if you can find one. It does involve taking the lathe somewhat apart to get it installed. And the belt is the ONLY thing on the lathe oil will harm. Use plenty of oil.
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    14" Vernon Lathe Restoration Project

    David, Glad you are enjoying your lathe. Joe Michaels wrote you a nice reply. Be hard to beat what he said. All I could add is find a copy of the South Bend How To Run A Lathe booklet. Anyway I have a couple of steady rests, but for smaller lathes. Probably for about a 10". They would need a...
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    South Bend 9A - minimum belt length?

    A "gear belt" or "timing belt" works well too, just turn it inside out so flat side is to pulley. They are available in small increments of length and you probably want a 1" wide one. You do have to remove the spindle to get one on unless you cut and splice it. But worth the work to get rid of...
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    New Member Request for Information - Hendey 16in Cone Head Lathe

    McMaster also has pins similar to Thompson rod that you can get in shorter lengths, case hardened and ground too.
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    History of New England "tool makers"

    I have noticed a lot of small tools have been made in that area of Mass. I figured guys would get tired of working for Starrett and decide to go out on their own and opened a small shop.
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    A Gear Pressure Angle Question

    Why are you replacing the gear when you say the problem is in the shaft? And if the gear is one piece with shaft could you not machine out the shaft and adapt the gear to the new shaft you are making? As there appears to be a hex in the hub in the picture does't the gear come off of the shaft?