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    South Bend 9a - what do do first

    I think best bet would be a new (old) headstock, scraped to fit your bed. These are fairly common in the US, as lathes with worn-out beds get parted out; headstock/bearings can be in serviceable shape if the lathe was otherwise well maintained.
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    Mauser 98 Action Truing

    When I've rebarreled Mausers with "modern" contour barrels that are close to full diameter of the receiver I ignore the inner shoulder. It's needed on military contour barrels because there isn't enough OD for a sufficient torque shoulder at the receiver ring. I see no purpose for it otherwise...
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    Reworking Savage Barrel and Chamber

    Floating reamer holders are a fairly "recent" development- along with chambering through the headstock. 20-30 years ago, that IS how it was done. I tried every type of pusher imaginable- flat, floating/riding on a ball bearing, yada yada. Always too much chatter, didn't care for them and now...
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    cutting raceways

    If I had the time and the engineering know-how, I'd build a straight-pull receiver-bolt designed along the lines of the Savage Impulse. Waiting to get my hands on one...
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    Mauser 98 Action Truing

    If you're just doing one (or two, or three) actions, it's simple (and a hell of a lot cheaper) to just turn your own mandrel. Get a rough idea of the bolt raceway diameter with a telescoping gage, then creep up on the OD and keep test fitting until you get a snug fit of the mandrel in the raceway.
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    1952 Southbend 9A Restoration

    Agree, I had that same thought when I first saw the picture. There's many times I'm cutting close to the headstock with a micrometer stop mounted on the front v-way in that same location as well. Simple enough to move it elsewhere if the OP finds he needs to. Nice work!
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    barrel thread guage source?

    Ditto, and ditto. No math, just read the PD on the mike. Full profile inserts as well (sometimes).
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    What Quick Change tool post to get?

    I have a Phase II, AXA on my 9A and it's served me well. I don't know whether China or Taiwan, but quality is good. I have a Dorian BXA on my bigger Sheldon, and it's a beast. I bought it used (still far from cheap)- I don't know that I'd have spent the coin for one new, but if budget allows you...
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    headstock bearings, 1/10th indivator

    1/10 mil? What? A mil (milliradian) is an angular measurement used in adjusting shooting optics. You mean a .0001 (ten thousandths of an inch)?
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    South Bend Model A 9"

    ^^^ This. Assuming this was a "hobby" machine for your Dad, shouldn't have much wear. If you can post some close up pictures of the "ways"- that's the front, V-shaped section of the bed that the saddle (main section with the hand crank)slides on it'll give a good indication. A question for...
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    Ways for South Bend Model A

    As said, that's heavy wear. Usually, that means much of the rest of the machine also has significant wear. What's the bottom of the tailstock look like? If there was a lot of turning between centers, you'll have significant wear on the tailstock ways and base. This results in your tailstock...
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    Ways for South Bend Model A

    That's a rabbit hole you don't want to go down.
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    Carbide bit holder recommendation

    I've been able to get some smoking deals on occasion from this fleabay seller https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?LH_AvailTo=1&_ssn=precision_tool_crib&_fcid=1&_sop=12&_stpos=34669
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    VFD vs phase converter

    Caution is needed when running a motor not designed for use with a VFD- with one. I needed to repower my machine anyway- so I used an inverter duty motor. These are required for use with VFD's if you intend on running them for extended periods outside of their normal frequency (as I understand...
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    Sb9a apron and saddle wanted!

    Just "sticking" a saddle from a different lathe, onto the one you have isn't a great idea for old machines (any lathe, actually). The bed you have, has wear. The saddle you're looking for, has wear. The wear will be in differing locations and to differing extents. You don't have the necessary...
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    Thread for moderator ?

    Bingo. Threads bring the parts together- shoulders align them. This is what's important- having shoulders precisely faced 90 degrees to the bore/ receiver raceway. I laugh when I see threads with guys bragging about "lapping" their tight-as-a-gnats-azz tenon threads to the receiver.
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    Carbide bit holder recommendation

    Ditto. That set is crap. HSS is straightforward, and the Warner tooling is great if that's what you want to use. Carbide has more of a learning curve with speeds/feeds, but I use it exclusively. FWIW, I like the profiling inserts- VBMT, DCMT as they're pretty versatile. Inserts like WNMG...
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    10-32 screws for a scope mount?

    I've installed several hundred rails from Rock Solid Industries on Mosin-Nagant receivers- they use #10-32. I've never asked the owner "why", but I suspect because many are installed DIY and a #10 tap is more "forgiving" and harder to snap off than a #6 or #8.
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    SB9 V pulley question

    I don't see where you mentioned it, there's also a two-step pulley for the motor belt, which provides these with 8+8 (backgear) for 16 speeds.
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    Lathe on a Jeep

    A bit OT, but since the discussion revolves around military truck lathes circa WWII- here's my Sheldon machine truck lathe, 1950 +/-. Note the legs under the headstock end are angled to clear the wheel well, so that the lathe could be bolted down. The tailstock end of the lathe has the ability...