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    Best way to put neat holes AR550 steel

    Spade drill at work. https://youtu.be/yFe99cKKG1Q
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    Best way to put neat holes AR550 steel

    Here is an insert drill at work. https://youtu.be/hCycSnjAx1k
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    Best way to put neat holes AR550 steel

    Machine hardox with an carbide inserts. https://youtu.be/UzyzZxNMrn8
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    Best way to put neat holes AR550 steel

    Spade drill or insert drill. Carbide or ceramic. Here is a video of a hardened rod being cut with ceramic. It will give you an idea of you are up against. https://youtu.be/GtjVX3amr4c
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    trouble cutting a 8 TPI thread in SS304 - engine lathe

    That's true when turning a shaft down. The faster the better. I especially like speed for ceramic. But for threads the heat is a killer. At least that's the way it works in our shop.
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    trouble cutting a 8 TPI thread in SS304 - engine lathe

    You already know it is harder to cut a 8 tpi thread than to cut a fine thread. We learned a long time ago not to try cutting threads without lard. The larger the thread the more important it is. I built a lard container that is attached to my taper attachment with a brush holder hanging from...
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    Setting up a worn-out motor armature in a steady rest.

    I don't believe I have ever worked on a motor that old. We do several a week, but they are new. Preheat the shaft if you are worried about warping. I like to start welding on the end and work toward the center. If you start on the inside by the time you get to the end it will be so hot you will...
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    Using a chuck on the tailstock.

    The tailstock is live. It has bearings in the tailstock. I replaced them a couple years ago, it is a horizontal stack of 6 bearings. I don't remember the bearing number, but they were a fairly common easy to get inexpensive bearing. I have a large lathe with about a 8" shaft that holds the...
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    Using a chuck on the tailstock.

    On Sparky's post on how to center on a bent/ damaged shaft of a motor, I said I would send a picture of my tailstock chuck adapter. Others may have other adapter ideas to add to the thread to make it easy to put a chuck on your tailstock. I used a center on both ends and a face driver to keep...
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    Setting up a worn-out motor armature in a steady rest.

    You can't weld it up and bring it back to specs until you have found center. If the journals are bad you can't use them for your steady. We would have two choices, on a heavy motor ( >100 lbs ) which is 95% of our rotor rebuilds. The easiest is press out the old shaft and press in a new shaft...
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    OT. Chevrolet repair at a Chevy "service" department

    When I did auto repair work years ago we used to solder floats when we couldn't get a new one. You have to have a float scale to weigh it after soldering it. The weight is very critical. Composite floats also have to be weighed when doing carb work. The composite floats will eventually take on...
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    Achy Body

    If your not happy at your job, regardless of the reason, it won't be long and your boss won't be happy with you. Over the years I've had to let people go because they weren't happy doing their job and it showed. Someone gets to ride the horse, but some else has to feed the horse and clean up...
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    OT. Chevrolet repair at a Chevy "service" department

    I opened my first mechanic shop in the '80s , fuseable links were all the rage. The first thing you learn is to pull on all the wires looking for a loose connection or melted link. The modern techs run for the scanner first, which can't find a loose connection. Scanners are for checking...
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    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    I am surprised at all the depressing comments on this thread. Owning a business is something only the very lucky get to enjoy. I felt like I was retired the day I opened my own business 34 years ago. I had worked hard for other people for the previous 11 years. I go to the shop because I love it...
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    Material for fence post driver on a skid steer?

    I wouldn't be too anxious to use pipe, even 80 gauge is meant to be bent in a heavy bender. I would prefer a heavy walled hydraulic cylinder tube. We save the scrapped ones for projects like that. Contact your local hydraulic rebuilder if you don't have any of your own. You can buy new tube from...
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    Advice for the greenest student imaginable

    If you burned out doing social work, you would find being a machinist impossible. It is commendable that you don't want to be on disability. You need a more labor orientated less stressful job like carpenter. There is a huge demand for carpenters right now. I have bone cancer and three broken...
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    Quincy air compressors

    I haven't heard anyone mention the pressures a screw runs at. I know they are high volume. When purchasing mine I considered a screw but there was always a drawback for my applications. I have three large two stage piston compressors in my shops, two verticals and one horizontal, all 80 gl. They...
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    Why scrape when you can grind?

    JSCPM I understand your bewilderment. The saddle ways on my '78 American lathe aren't scraped, but the tailstock ways are. Why are some ways sufficient being smooth as glass and others need scraped marks. The saddle ways are tool steel, and so don't wear as fast. But that doesn't change the...
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    How would you mill this part?

    Endmill is correct as others have said. As a beginner it is easy to over speed when milling. After you have some experience you will know how fast to mill by the sound of your tooling. Is like knowing when to shift your truck without looking at your tach. Take it slow at first, don't run high...
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    help the rookie with a lathe fundamental question

    For those who may read this thread who are new to machining, we need to give them a warning. Chromed hydraulic rod is often induction hardened. It will destroy your band saw blade, and your tooling. You can machine it and cut it with diamonds and ceramic tooling. As we know ceramic tooling needs...