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    Insulation for oven

    From my experience a 1" ceramic fiber board (such as those from Morgan Ceramics) will keep its shape better than a ceramic wool.
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    Since my heart attack... Looking for a lift table

    I solved the problem of requiring an adjustable table that allowed me to remove my 12" vise from the shaper by sliding it off the shaper table unto the adjustable height table by using a surplus birthing table. It is rigid and has lockable casters. Of course it is able to lift several hundred...
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    FS Jacobs Rubber Flex Chuck and Collets

    Did you complete the sale of the Chuck and Collets? Raymond
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    Any advantage of three axis DRO on a lathe compared to two axis?

    DSG Compound Newall The Vectoring feature of the C-80 is handy when working on a tapered internal bore. It prevents coming out too far in a tight limited and hitting the opposite wall. This is mounted on a DSG 13-42. The main goal was to keep the wires in the working area to a minimum.
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    DRO, Lathe, Which side of the carriage for the X Axis scale?

    My carriage scale is on the Tailstock side because it appeared to be the safer side to promote longevity. It is true that I lost the use of the drilling attachment but I can still drill larger diameters with the MT #3 bits in the Tailstock or smaller sizes in a Tailstock mounted Jacobs. The...
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    Aciera F4 spindle speeds

    Thanks for the download link.
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    Help. Unable to drill into screw extractor

    1.5 mm extractor is asking for incredible performance considering an 8 mm screw broke. Next time that happens I will attempt heating the part with the TIG torch to keep the heat local.
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    Smartphone Microscope with visual micrometer

    The website mobile-scope.com does have several products. I don't know about alignment but I imagine that it can be checked quite quickly since it shows in realtime what is viewed. The micrometer ruler would show if the add-on lens is off centre. My phone has a bit of a recess therefore it...
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    Smartphone Microscope with visual micrometer

    Note: This appeared in Kickstarter. There are $40,000 in pledges to reach the $10,000 goal iMicro can reach magnifications up to 800x while keeping a strong 1 micro resolution. The entire unit weighs 1.5 grams with a 26 x 12 x 3.5 millimeter footprint, attaching to the back of a smartphone via...
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    Sharpening coffee grinder burrs!

    There is a landing area on the circumference for times when the machine is turning without coffee beans. Usually the beans keep the burrs separated even when they are really close together such as when set for a turkish grind.
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    OT: Good way to start a website?

    I registered the .com website addresses with Go Daddy then used their tools to setup email. Tried Wordpress and found it to be counter-intuitive and a one program sabotage crew. On a simple template it might work but it could not keep track of things which meant that it always starts off with...
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    Most comfortable work boots

    My last set of Red Wings, made offshore, fell apart between the sole and the upper. I had to go back to the previous pair which was in better shape. After 35 years of wearing them I find that they are no longer worth the money.
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    Air bearing powered by carbon dioxide

    There are several aspects to this topic. The questions of why use CO2 is more than I can speculate upon. I don't see how there will be moisture in the CO2 flow. The gas is more viscous and denser than air therefore it should give you a stiffer bearing all things being equal. If the gas is...
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    My Shop, Moonlight Machine

    These odd sizes are another reason that I like to keep a set of metric 5C collars. 21mm would have done the trick but you appear to have solved the problem.
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    Need gears - anyone used laser cut gears?

    It is true that there is minimal flare on higher pressure units. Taking that into consideration, I flipped the gears to compensate and keep the contact as constant as possible. My guess that it would still be more accurate than a laminated stack.
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    OT:Radient heat from light bulbs

    Here is anecdotal information about the results of lighting a bulb while buried in insulation. At the beginning there was about 1" of insulation but at the end there was about .31" as the bulb pushed upwards.
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    Need gears - anyone used laser cut gears?

    Here is an example of 10" gears that were cut with a waterjet. They are made from .75" material. I think it is simpler than a laminated gear. Though not visible, the chain sprocket was waterjet cut aswell.
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    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Owners

    Does this help. I am using 40 - 50 - 40
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    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Owners

    Do you require Change Gears or how to arrange them?
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    New 3d metal printer-Looking good!

    I requested quotations for aluminum and stainless parts the replies were very high apparently due to the required supports that needed to be also printed. Is it possible to print over a pre-cast piece of let's say plaster to act a support? Is the temperature window between sintering and...