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  1. plastikdreams

    Choosing the right end mill for milling aluminum on a CNC router

    I believe he's asking what alloys of aluminium you cut. 2024 is going to illicit a much different response than 6061 or 6063.
  2. plastikdreams

    Need ideas fixturing, holes true position +-.0005

    The best is when you ask the designer to explain true position and he says oh I've seen it on other drawings so I just put it there.
  3. plastikdreams

    Coating or plating to increase friction

    Line x
  4. plastikdreams

    Gauge Pin Question

    Place I was at (medical) checked the pins regularly with a laser micrometer that read out like 8 decimal places. We worked with a very abrasive material (think tantalum foam) and the hack operators used to use the pins as reamers lol.
  5. plastikdreams

    Need ideas fixturing, holes true position +-.0005

    Yeah, that's where the unrealistic tolerance comes in lol...especially in 6061.
  6. plastikdreams

    Need ideas fixturing, holes true position +-.0005

    Is there a M with a circle around it on the print in the box with the true position indicator? If so there may be bonus tolerance allowed. For any given hole, the bonus tolerance is equal to the actual size of the hole minus the smallest size of the hole. I hate true position, it's gotta be the...
  7. plastikdreams

    Need ideas fixturing, holes true position +-.0005

    You are running on the ragged edge of repeatability for that machine. If anything I would see if the tolerance can be opened a little bit, it you are hitting .001 or less see if you can get a few or 5 tenths on it. Where in North jersey?
  8. plastikdreams

    Nakamura WT 250 vs WT300

    It would seat it was just off a few degrees
  9. plastikdreams

    Nakamura WT 250 vs WT300

    I used to run a 300, accurate and repeatable all day every day...but finniky had the turrets touch in slow motion and it knocked it out of spec. Had to have a tech come out and recalibrate the damn thing.
  10. plastikdreams

    UHMW "Burr" removal help

    Razor blade for box cutters...I've done a lot of plastic work and they work the best. Don't try to cut, drag it medium pressure almost completely perpendicular to the surface. You think uhmw is bad, try tefzel lol.
  11. plastikdreams

    South bend Series O Refurbishment Help Needed

    Buy something newer...
  12. plastikdreams

    Need Mits MV1200 WEDM power settings for 8 inch steel

    What grade stainless?
  13. plastikdreams

    Has anyone tried "Piece Work" to pay employees?

    Are you that cheap? And then people wonder why we can't get people into the trade. Get bent ya fuggin wanker.
  14. plastikdreams

    griping on OD of thread

    What part of the threads are you griping about? What did they do to you?
  15. plastikdreams

    How to slowly ramp up RPMs on motor

    Google has a soft start function now!?!??!
  16. plastikdreams

    Y0 Z0 before tool change how do i get rid of that?

    Before each tool change?
  17. plastikdreams

    Newb to machining looking for some advice on milling aluminum

    Try running it in reverse...