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    Heidenhain TNC 355 / 155 / 151 selecting tools extra to the carousel

    I've never actually managed to work out how to view the PLC program on the TNC355. (I did manage to crack the Siemens 820T control that I have on a Beaver TC20S lathe, teach myself 'Step 5' the code it's written in,identify about 75% of the flags and make some significant changes but that took...
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    Heidenhain TNC 355 / 155 / 151 selecting tools extra to the carousel

    That's very helpful, thank you. I'm now wondering if it is possible to make the tool table longer than the carousel, maybe 24 tools in the table and actually 16 in the carousel - will it perhaps demand a manual tool change for tool numbers over 16? Or will it totally muck up the tool changer -...
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    Heidenhain TNC 355 / 155 / 151 selecting tools extra to the carousel

    I start a new program - say #100 - in EDIT mode,tell it the mode ie metric in my case, input a TOOL DEF, it opens a box to enter the tool number, but according to the manual when that's been entered boxes should appear for tool length and radius, but they don't :( The small program now contains...
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    Boring bar chatter cure... I don't believe it!

    Any oscillating system has a 'Q' (or goodness) factor. The higher the Q the less losses and it's easier to maintain oscillation. What you've done is to lower the Q. The old blacksmiths trick of wrapping a chain or heavy rope around his anvil to stop it ringing is exactly the same principal...
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    Heidenhain TNC 355 / 155 / 151 selecting tools extra to the carousel

    To call a tool it's just Tool Call T# Z Speed cr/lf If I call a tool in MDI it is Tool Call (button) T# Z Speed then Manual Stop M6 but if the tool number is out of range of the tool table (16 tools) then it objects that there is no tool def. If I try to make a sub program with tool defs in...
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    TNC355 control codes

    Graham, I have a Beaver Partsmaster with a TNC355. Is there anything I can measure or look at that might help?
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    2nd Covid 19 Vaccination Shot Today

    Had my second Astra Zenica jab a couple of weeks ago. First jab I literally felt nothing at all either at the time or later. Second jab I felt it go in, and the cotton pad did have a bit of blood on it, and I was aware of it the next day, but pain - no that wasn't pain - I know what pain feels...
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    Heidenhain TNC 355 / 155 / 151 selecting tools extra to the carousel

    I have a CNC mill (Beaver Partsmaster) with a TNC355 and a 16 tool carousel. On occasions it would be very useful to to able to manually load a tool for a one off but for the life of me cannot find how to do it ! At the moment I just have to re-define a tool by removing one and inserting the...
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    Sizing Induction Furnace Water Cooling

    Thanks for the figures Robert. The furnace has 3/4” tubing The driver and furnace loop needs a flow of 27 litres a min Max loop temp is 40 C but I want to keep it lower than that to give the electronics an easier time Max flow I can get to a heat exchanger cold side is 15 litre per min from...
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    Sizing Induction Furnace Water Cooling

    Yes when I had this running 13 years ago I used de-ionised water laced with Glycol to prevent freezing in winter. In fact I still have a 205 litre drum of the coolant drained out when I moved 13 years ago. Frugal you see !
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    Sizing Induction Furnace Water Cooling

    Original is about 2000 year of manufacture, was stored from 2008 to a few months back, the Grunfos circulating pump had failed - I rebuilt it with expensive new ceramic seal. The original had a very odd varnish like tide mark where the water had dried out that stuck the seal up and destroyed it...
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    Sizing Induction Furnace Water Cooling

    The one that failed used a huge refrigeration unit like the one in the back of your fridge but ten times the size. (Good to hear from you Mark, I hope that you are well in these troubled times)
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    Sizing Induction Furnace Water Cooling

    Long story short - the water chiller for my 100 kW induction furnace hasn't survived storage and I need to replace it, but I want to check that the size is reasonable. Original was 11 kW consumption 39 kW chilling - I can't get advice from the manufacturer so would like to find comparisons. As...
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    Heat treating without foil?

    I use SS foil in rolls the size of kitchen foil rolls, bought two rolls (minimum order) 15 years ago and still using the first roll ! The stuff is lethal - cuts fingers like there's no tomorrow - but it works !
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    DNC Drip Feed for older CNC's?

    Another vote for DCN4U. I feed a Fanuc, Heidenhain, and a Siemens controlled machines with it and it works well for me. It's currently on a Win7 machine but need to check it's happy on (wince) Win10
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    How to stop my propane forklift from icing up

    My Hyster used to do this, the IMCO vaporiser was the issue and was down to sticky valves and rubbers. Re-build kit was 2/3 rds of the price of a replacement unit so I put a new one in and had no trouble since.
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    Basic hydraulic question - enerpac vs "regular" hydraulic system

    For consistent sizing why can you not press down onto a hard stop? For a given volume of clay you will get a uniform wall thickness once it bottoms out on the hard stop and your pressure relief valve will take care of over pumping. You could even rig a pressure switch to a bell to say you've got...
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    TNC151 Dripfeed tool definition problems

    Tool table should be up as Program #0 with offsets for each tool. There is a parameter to set that defines how many tools in the table.
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    OT- Replacing 24 pin soldered motherboard battery ? (Pic)

    There is a special flux and low melting point solder that makes removing ICs like this much much easier By applying it to each pin and diluting the original solder things stay liquid far longer. I think that it’s intended for unsoldering SMDs but I also use it on through holes devices to good...
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    Jones-Shipman 540 Mag Starter issue.

    Its the contactor COIL that mustn’t be on the generated leg. Of course the CONTACTS will take all three phases !!!