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  1. J Gilles

    Black Electroless Nickel Plating- Looking for an excellent plating shop

    TFC in portland does a lot of electroless nickel. You could check with them and see if they offer black. I've never asked for colored from them.
  2. J Gilles

    Rigging Machines with Cushion Tire Forklift on Dirt/Gravel

    I had to rent a 22k telehandler for my lathe and mill. It had to be trucked about 1.5 hrs each way and was $1900 for a day. Ended up only using it like 5 hours over a couple days but the rental outfit was more focused on hours. It sat at the shop for like 2.5 weeks after I was done.
  3. J Gilles

    how to automate my lathe

    If you have the RPM to support it, PCD inserts can do great things for chip control. 5k-7k sfm finishing and the chips are tiny. Surface finishes are amazing as well. Up front cost can scare folks away, but not too hard to justify if you are running production.
  4. J Gilles

    Quality small drill bits, need recommendations...

    I've used a bunch of the Kyocera PCB drills in Aluminum. They performed well and were less than $10 each.
  5. J Gilles

    Toe-Jacks: recommendations?

    I've got the same one and it is better than I expected for the price. The swivel handle is fantastic.
  6. J Gilles

    September 2022 - Practical Machinist IMTS Videos link..

    Cool to see more videos on some of the stuff I missed at the show. The "dress code" is definitely a generational thing. I'm in Ian's age group and I'm glad he's not dolled up in something that he would never wear. He's a real shop owner. He doesn't need to pretend to be a CNBC host or CEO of...
  7. J Gilles

    New Machine Day - Millturn monster

    Awesome looking machine! What's the difference between the i series and the i-h series? How's the service in PA from Mazak?
  8. J Gilles

    The lights out checklist

    For part loading, pressure sensors routed through ports on a fixture or chuck are very helpful to confirm if parts are seated correctly. Spindle load monitoring can also be implemented for tool life monitoring if your loads aren't in the lower ~15% of your spindle power range. Aside from the...
  9. J Gilles

    Nakamura WT 250 vs WT300

    I'm curious what sectors you are making parts for with those machines? I ran triple turret machines for automotive transmissions, but I'm always wondering who can support such niche machines.
  10. J Gilles

    Traveling column 5 axis machine, whats out there?

    Correa also makes one, but it's minimum X axis is bigger than you need. https://www.nicolascorrea.com/en/norma-l
  11. J Gilles

    Traveling column 5 axis machine, whats out there?

    Emco has a traveling column series that gets close. https://www.emco-world.com/en/products/milling/machining-center-mmv-3200.html
  12. J Gilles

    Dial Indicators, mics, a large steady rest and 189 pictures of things you could call your own.

    Got back from vacation and found my indicator packaged well and as described. Thanks again.
  13. J Gilles

    Dial Indicators, mics, a large steady rest and 189 pictures of things you could call your own.

    I'll take the following. 1H 7J Edited based on what I see in the posts above me.
  14. J Gilles

    Being a lathe guy outside of California.

    Butte is a beautiful place, but that would be serious environment change for someone coming from the bay area. Summers are awesome, but be prepared for months of zero or below temps and a lot of wind. There are a lot of cool shops around there though, probably due to the technical focused...
  15. J Gilles

    Getting my CDL

    Similar situation here. Manufacturing engineer previously, now working for family construction company while I start up my own machining business. Just need to take my skills test and I'll be good to go. Any idea if you'll be dealing with one local dot group or spread out? If it's a small place...
  16. J Gilles

    Getting my CDL

    You don't need to record when you are working in your shop. They would laugh at that. You should be able to read up on your states rules for local drivers. Typically you don't need a daily log book if you stay within a defined radius. If you make a trip outside of that you will have to log it.
  17. J Gilles

    Has anyone imported a machine from Europe?

    I'm in a similar position with a lathe in Canada. Does any one have a broker they have used and liked dealing with?
  18. J Gilles

    B&A Precision

    As someone who has been following along for years, I'm glad you are where you're at. You've got the stress way down and the work is flowing. Keep up the awesome work and let us know how it goes.
  19. J Gilles

    Seattle area manufacturing?

    Ace galvanizing? They had a shop in Ballard that did a lot of ship stuff and galvanized the Simpson bracketa you couldn't get done that way from Simpson. We used their location in south seattle back on the day.
  20. J Gilles

    Live tooling lathe suggestions.

    If you have high quantities and are working on both spindles you will want to look at twin turret machines. Repeatably holding +/-0.0002" is doable, but will require hand holding. Not a set it and forget it process where you can go home at night an expect it all. PCD will help with this and I...