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    Clausing 6913 lathe questions

    I recently purchased a 1967 6913 lathe. I saw it run briefly. It does not seem to be a nightmare, but all that I know about these lathes is what I have read online. The previous owner put new belts on the lathe, replaced the hydraulic hose, and replaced the seal in the upper cylinder. He...
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    Moore Jig Bore 1-1/2B with tooling

    I was tempted by that when it was on Municibid, but decided that I did not need another machine that has limited use. I already own a Gorton P2-3.
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    Peerless-Racine hacksaw out of stroage

    My Racine had been lineshaft driven, but the clutch and drive pulley were missing. It has no motor, coolant pump, or electric. I added a motor and used a steel rod mounted in the blade frame to trip a shutoff switch, which is a standard light switch mounted in a waterproof exterior switch box. I...
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    Skyhook Toolpost crane or Gorbel Workstation Crane?

    Snow loads and other design loads are already included in truss design. For wood rood trusses a small dead load, typically 5 psf, is included for drywall and insulation. My point is that a load of up to 250 pounds is not going to overstress the trusses if properly attached and distributed.
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    Skyhook Toolpost crane or Gorbel Workstation Crane?

    Most trusses are not designed for extra load on the bottom chord. However, if you spread the load across two or three trusses and place it close to a joint with web members, the load on the trusses would be insignificant.
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    Peerless-Racine hacksaw out of stroage

    There were quite a few machine tool manufacturers in Racine. I am not familiar with Peerless. I have a 14 inch Racine power hacksaw. It looks quite different from yours.
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    OT: what can i use to hollow out a tree stump?

    Drill a lot of large diameter holes and cut out what's left with a large sharp chisel.
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    What happened to Thermite?

    Made sense????????
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    OT: Metal detector for underground wires

    I worked with a guy who used the same method. He was very good st it. I have used it with mixed results. For me, it seemed to work well for live buried power lines.
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    Lift using two chain hoists

    I think sneakers are safer than steel toe boots. You can run faster.
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    Clausing 5914 - Should I buy it?

    I recently bought a 6913 (14x48). I paid $2000, which seemed a little high. I did not get a steady rest or taper attachment. I did get 5 chucks (3 jaw, 4 jaw, 6 jaw-3 and 4 jaw in two sizes), and a collet chuck and closer (no collets). What sealed the deal for me was an Aloris QCTP and 6 or 8...
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    Ultradex rotary table For sale

    I am interested in one of them, assuming you are willing to ship, and the shipping is reasonable. Let me know, and we can PM regarding the details. Thanks.
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    My stuff arrived yesterday. The mail lady asked me what i was trying to do to her as sgmhe struggled up the driveway. The packing was excellent. Plywood lining in the box, along with bubble wrap and plastic bags. Thanks.
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    Gantry Crane Build Questions

    Not the answer to your question, but a W8x18 wide flange beam is about 5.5 percent stronger with the same yield strength steel, and would be more stable regarding buckling. Most likely more common and therefore may be a bit cheaper or easier to source. Regarding your question, there are...
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    Adding to my list, as available,: #3 I, J, K, L,M #4 N #5 E,F,H,J #10 am I missing something? Does not seem like all the letters are listed. Where not available, I would take something similar. Thanks
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    Micrometers, drills, taps, lots of misc. More than 200 pictures of things that could be yours :)

    I have not had time to digest all this, but so far here is what I would take (if available). #2 B,C,D,K #6 E,T #7 C,G,H, J,K,orL (any one of the 3) #8 G I will send a pm after looking further. Thanks.
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    FS: Horn Tooling, Starrett Mics, Insert Drills, Hertel, etc (pics)

    if they are still available, I will take all or any of the: Large CC Craley Boring head, shank turned down to 3/4 but still some 1" left - $40 Small CC Craley Boring head, shank turned down to 3/4 but still some 1" left - $30 Shop made? small fly cutter - $10 Let me know if shipping/total. I...
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    Dom tubing - where to buy?

    If welding is an option you could by two pieces of DOM and a piece of round bar. Metals Supermarket or online places sell by the inch. Price per pound is high, but in small quantities there usually are no good deals.
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    I will take the machinist level, E, assuming that it functions properly. I would appreciate any information you have on the level. I could not find anything on the internet. Please confirm that it is available, and any shipping cost. Thanks.
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    Rigging Machines with Cushion Tire Forklift on Dirt/Gravel

    If the base is well compacted you could do a a layer of concrete and overlay it with another layer later (if you have the depth to do that). Concrete reaches about 80 percent of it's strength in 7 days. There is also high early strength concrete.