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    Kingman White Mini Sine and Mitutoyo 190-101 Universal Calipers

    I’ll take both, send me your contact and payment info. Kevin
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    Monarch 5C collet nose

    I wasn’t able get pictures yet, I had to go out of town to support work……I will be back home next week and will post pictures then. Kevin
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    Monarch 5C collet nose

    I have a couple, I will get some pictures over the weekend. Kevin
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    FS: Large Hand Taps

    I will take them, PM me your contact info. Kevin
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    WTB Pratt Burnerd collet chuck

    What size and what kind of backplate? Kevin
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    Combination drill/counterbore for standard cap screws; sources?

    MSC sells these as well.......
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    Combination drill/counterbore for standard cap screws; sources?

    Here's what you're looking for...... https://www.amazon.com/Michigan-High-Speed-Uncoated-Degrees-Conventional/dp/B00FW183HO High-Speed Steel Jobber Length Step Drill Bit https://michigandrill.com/catalog/ Kevin
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    1957 10ee parts/machine for sale!

    This machine has been sold! Thanks everyone who bought parts! Kevin
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    WTB: Deckel FP2 Horizontal overarm support

    I have several overarm's available. Kevin
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    Repair of D1-3 spindle taper

    Here’s the link to the video, he also shows grinding the backplate as well in another video…….I would try this method first if you have enough material left to grind to bring it into spec? Kevin
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    WTB Wedge leveling pads

    These are now sold. Thank you, Werner! Kevin
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    WTB Wedge leveling pads

    Yes, new Eron pads. Kevin
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    taper attachment parts

    These parts are sold, thanks everyone! Kevin
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    taper attachment parts

    Just replied to your message ....... Just replied to your message ...
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    taper attachment parts

    Here's some pictures with the chips and some of the grime washed off! No broken teeth, needs disassembly and further cleaning. Kevin
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    Trav-a-dial bracket for 10EE ?

    Both these Travel dials are for sale if anyone is interested, $225 shipped for either one. Kevin
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    taper attachment parts

    I took the cover off, there are no other broken gears, but I found out why the gear sheared on the adjustment shaft.......the thing was packed with chips! I will take it to work tomorrow and get it cleaned and freed up, will post more pictures then. BTW, I still have one complete taper...
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    5" x 1.5 x 2.25 8F HS RH Shell EM for Aluminum, NOS, For Sale!

    Price drop if anyone is interested.....$125 shipped! Kevin