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    Quick change swiss tooling?

    Some machine tool builders claim 0,01mm repeatability for tool holder change on turrets. I have seen capto tooling repeatability quted at 0,002mm so your needs seems reasonable.
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    Possible Scammer trolling the for sale/wanted posts

    I got replies from two different users, both with zero posts, about WTB ads I put up. Seems suspisious. The users are: Farwest donaldleah
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    Dealing with Mediocre CAD Files and Splines

    Maybe this won't solve your problem since you're always into this but the way I deal with this: When I give people a quote I look at their drawings/model and if anything is strange or not up to a certain standard I will inform them that they need to make drawings to ISO standard if I get the...
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    Shipping VMC with coolant tank under machine — possible ?

    I'd say the general answer is: If you can still get straps/chains onto the machine base it would work. If not: no.
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    New (to me) VMC time.

    I think the European machines from DMG are 400V, the Mori machines seems to be 200V mostly (NLX & NHX).
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    New (to me) VMC time.

    Some smaller Mazak machines are 400V. Maybe special for Europe ?
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    My little machine shop in Denmark - started Dec 2018.

    Let us know the story of the 5 axis :)
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    Starrag Heckert machines compared to others ?

    Thanks to both of you! Sounds like good machines. I wanted to find a nice NHX but difficult in Europe at the moment.
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    Starrag Heckert machines compared to others ?

    I'm looking at a 400mm HMC from Starrag Heckert. The specs look nice and comparable to other brands. Wondering about build quality, parts availability and service ? Probably also control integration. It has a Siemens control.
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    Radius face groove

    Found the book. The book is for a smart control but I guess all basic Mazatrol is the same ? - Choose "T.Groove" unit. - Face - Pattern: #1 (isoscles) is the one that has Radius/Chamfer and such. - Pitch is for when you want more than one groove. - Width is for the top of the groove. - Finish is...
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    Radius face groove

    I think I might have a programming manual. Will look for it later today. Can't remember how to do it in mazatrol without a manual anymore, too long ago.
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    WTB: Mori or DMG Mori NHX4000

    2011 or newer. Must have full fourth and TSC. In Europe.
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    Cloudy finish on 4140

    1000 rpm is too slow, 3000 is probably too fast if it's HT and you want your inserts to last. The max recomended Vc on the package is not for 4140HT. I've seen that haze too, but never after the finish pass. I usually run Ap of 0.012" with a DCMT insert.
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    WTB: DMG Mori DMC V 850 (europe)

    Looking for a DMC V 850 or possibly the next larger size. Must be in good condition. Must have: - 30 tools or more - TSC
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    New (to me) VMC time.

    That sound good. It's a box-way machine. Very stout. I suppose they could have crashed the spindle, but the ways should be like new unless there was an oiling issue.
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    New (to me) VMC time.

    If that NVX hasn't done a huge amount of work it's worth about what you paid for everything (at least in Europe). They are more than $200K new now. Hope all the machines are in useable condition. You've got to take pictures when they arrive !
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    Rebuild spindle for through spindle coolant ?

    Let's say you need to rebuild a VMC or HMC spindle because of bearing issues. Is it possible for the spindle rebuilders to convert a non-TSC spindle to TSC ? For arguments sake let's say this a Mori NHX4000.
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    Chuck Boring Rings ... or ???

    I have made one of those rings but I almost never use it. Here's how I do it: Positions the soft jaws where they need to be. Find a suitable short piece of round bar the right diameter to get the chuck to clamp in the middle of the stroke. Clamp the little piece all the way to the back of the...
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    CY Axis Lathe

    You can do broaching without live tooling. I think I've never seen an indexing spindle in the specs of a new lathe. I suppose it was more common years ago ?
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    CY Axis Lathe

    A lathe with Y and not a C axis is kind of useless as you wouldn't be able to index the C-axis to where you want to mill/drill. A lathe with C and not a Y axis is very commomn. You can mill and drill whereever you want on the face of the part , along the axis radially, bt not off axis radially.