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  1. David Utidjian

    What to do when the vinyl holders for your inspection tools go bad?

    How about a wood block with some saw narrow slots in it at a shallow angle to make it easier to see?
  2. David Utidjian

    Rockwell Delta Vert Mill - Power Feed Potentiometer

    That switch is a 4PDT (4 pole, double throw) momentary-off-momentary, toggle switch. Digi-Key is one place to look up such stuff. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/honeywell-sensing-and-productivity-solutions/4TL1-7/1248749 At US$98 for one it is a bit hefty on price. You can almost...
  3. David Utidjian

    "Open Concept" Shop in large facility - any experiences

    Lock all your portable tools up and have lockouts on all the fixed power tools.
  4. David Utidjian

    Where micrometer standards ever made in .500" increments?

    Sort of: Brown & Sharpe make a set (it ain't cheap) for checking micrometers. Includes a pair of optical flats for checking flatness and parallelism of the spindle and anvil.
  5. David Utidjian

    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    Tile is nice. Not as easy to clean but WAY better than painted sheetrock and it can look gorgeous. I have seen some older kitchens where it was very nicely done... even in apartments (mostly built pre-WWII.) Hopefully your hood also vents to the outside. I like to cook a lot. It is difficult...
  6. David Utidjian

    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    Sort of off topic... Very nice layout to that kitchen. Looks like a pleasant place to do some cooking. A few things you may not find to be optimal if you do much cooking are... the dishes on the shelves (and the shelves) to the right of the stove are going to get grimy. The nook directly behind...
  7. David Utidjian

    Choice between Jet and XLO

    The Jet is missing the outboard horizontal arbor support. You will be limited to running shell mills on the horizontal spindle without it. The Jet looks to be a much heavier machine than XLO. Neither machine has power feeds or DROs.
  8. David Utidjian

    Starrett to Rationalize Product Line

    Joe I took a look back at that post and I have never seen a Starrett tool like that in their catalog. A couple of possibilities are: It was custom made by Starrett for a customer for some (to me) unknown application and the people that made it are long gone. It was custom made by someone else...
  9. David Utidjian

    Starrett to Rationalize Product Line

    I heard this from a couple of Starrett people (I don't recall their exact position in the company) at show in early October this year. Some things mentioned that will be dropped from the product line were the Starrett No. 1010 Dial Indicator Pocket Gages (page 189 of the current #33 Catalog) in...
  10. David Utidjian

    Does ANYBODY use eBay anymore?

    Right here on PM. You *should* have good pictures already. Good clear photos are also very imporant to selling on eBay. Two identical products: one with good clear photos and one with meh photos; the one with the better photos always gets the better price. If you are getting zero page views then...
  11. David Utidjian

    OT- Tour of Ed Pink's race engine shop--soon to be torn down to make a bus stop

    It is also worth noting that when the government (federal, state, municipal) spends your hard earned tax dollars they *mostly* spend that money on equipment, materials, and services made by US based companies and contractors. This is all part of major upgrades and expansion of mass transit...
  12. David Utidjian

    Ball ended Hex (How to machine?)

    How many does your customer want? If only a few just buy some ball ended hex keys of the appropriate size and quality and weld or silver braze or whatever into a bore or pocket on the rest of the part. To make it yourself; One way would be to use a surface grinder or tool and cutter grinder with...
  13. David Utidjian

    Shoe repair machines

    Just a guess but... I would bet that if there is a demand for shoe machines in ten years there will be an even higher demand for people that know how to use them!
  14. David Utidjian

    Wannabe Amature Home CNC Machinist, first time writing G-code and cutting metal, video - how's it look?

    1. Stop holding your camera it jiggles all over the place. First project can be build a tripod or holder. 2. Get a proper Kurt vice (or clone.) You need all the rigidity you can get and mount it down flat on the bed. Heavy full depth cuts need rigidity and those swivel vises are nice for manual...
  15. David Utidjian

    Anyone ever watch these "machinists"?

    Workbenches cost money. The floor is "free." One thing to keep in mind is that Pakistan is a nuclear power. Has been since the 1970s. They designed and built their own bombs and missiles. They are pointed at India.
  16. David Utidjian

    Repairing cast iron mill table

    Use a T-slot cutter and the same program and call it a "custom fixturing"?
  17. David Utidjian


    Thermite is MIA? I hadn't noticed. He has been on my ignore list for years.
  18. David Utidjian

    Pricing for a simple job?

    As to cost... the "fair" price would be a few bucks less than a brand new one. Find out what it costs to replace it with new AND if it is even available. If it is available then they should by a new one. Before anyone jumps on me about charging $198 for repairing a part that may only cost $200...
  19. David Utidjian

    Fast method for oiling parts?

    Use cotton (or some inexpensive material) gloves during all that hand manipulation at assembly/packaging. If you avoid getting prints on them in the first place you won't have to clean them up afterwards.
  20. David Utidjian

    OT: Artemis launch tomorrow, have parts on it...pretty excited

    Most likely easier to give the moon a moon... that is to say, a satellite that could orbit the moon. It could pass pretty low. Not sure how long it would last but should be long enough to get it well covered. Doesn't ALL the money spent by governments go into someones pockets somewhere? The...