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  1. J

    Help ID alloy - shaft

    I realize there isn’t a whole lot of info here but the reason I came to the tool steel conclusion is the chips regardless of feeds and speeds and inserts used. Any amount of heat (which was guaranteed even with coolant) resulted in an air hardened chip that essentially shattered. I could have a...
  2. J

    Help ID alloy - shaft

    The shaft I’m machining is replacement shaft. I was “told” it was CR from supplier and their “scrap” bin. Not super critical given application so I wasn’t too worried. I just think they had a piece of tool steel in there. I did see a piece of 4140 mixed in so nothing is out of the question…
  3. J

    Help ID alloy - shaft

    So no ideas on the alloy??
  4. J

    Help ID alloy - shaft

    It is for a slow turning conveyor. It sits in pillow blocks. These guys have destroyed the one currently in it with a weld job when bearings failed from neglect. Dredging operation. The shaft is far superior to what they are bit curious what this might be.
  5. J

    Help ID alloy - shaft

    This seems like a s7 tool steel. Does that sound right.
  6. J

    Help ID alloy - shaft

    Turning a 3” shaft that I was told was CR mild steel. When turning the chips turn blue and break like glass. Coolant doesn’t change chip characteristics. I can get a long chip and it’ll break like glass too. Really light cuts and not too bad. I’m trying to determine what it might be. The...
  7. J

    bridgeport spindle issues, rattling gears

    It needs new bearings and almost certainly gears. Very straight forward. There are videos by H&W on YouTube and it is simple if you watch that. I rebuilt one years ago before videos were available and it was a bit more challenging. I’ve done several though so it’s not difficult anymore.
  8. J

    W T B faceplate for L1 lathe spindle

    I don’t have a faceplate but I think I have some L1 tooling if you’re interested. Jacobs rubberflex (no collets) I may have more back plates too. Email me if any interest. Gloveandtdog @ aol . Com
  9. J

    Help DoAll C-220M-HD

    Found my own answer but will post up for others in the event they come across the same saw. Made for DoAll by Femi Saw out of Italy. Their current saw line is HEM saw as found pretty much everywhere.
  10. J

    Help DoAll C-220M-HD

    Struggling to find any helpful information regarding this model DoAll. I could use an owners manual and schematic if possible. I have not heard back from DoAll so I’m reaching out here. Many thanks. Grant
  11. J

    Series 2 backlash adjustment

    I’ve searched and couldn’t find so I’m back to asking. Series 2. I want to fine tune the backlash but want to do so correctly. I don’t have a manual for the series II so I’m relying on internet and the PM group. I have an idea but want to be sure. I’ve done several Series I machines and those...
  12. J

    Source for transformer: 220 3ph ->120v single

    I have not had luck finding a small transformer to wire into my machine so that I can run some small 110v things off of it. Anyone have a source. I’d like to have a few so I am not using extension cords as much. Mainly DROs and power feeds and accessory lighting. I don’t want to just run one hot...
  13. J

    D1-8 Chucks for new Leblond lathe

    If you are interested in a D1-8 3J speed collet chuck Hardinge/Sjogren, lmk
  14. J

    What are auctioneers thinking? $50 mandatory rigging for a pair of worn out shop vacs??

    One might also wonder if this is not just another scheme to make more money when the bidder refuses to pay the fees and still has to pay for item. The auction house then gets to collect on purchase and buyers premium. Then, resell again later. Thieves regardless.
  15. J

    What are auctioneers thinking? $50 mandatory rigging for a pair of worn out shop vacs??

    There is a Industrial Auctioneer that frequently has auctions near St. Louis, MO. They have absurd rigging fees for literally every item regardless of size. One fairly recent auction they didn’t have fees listed. Two days before the auction closed they posted associated rigging fees for each...
  16. J

    Bijur on Series II

    My pump has a manual plunger as well. I was just hoping I could wire it up with a switch to remotely give it a shot of lube as needed. Sounds like the cam action limits it to ~28minutes. I’m probably better off just pumping it manually although reaching it is a challenge as space is limited...
  17. J

    Bijur on Series II

    So there is some sort of a built in timer inside the Bijur system itself that meters it every 28minutes? I have none of the original electronics hooked up. Here you can see the three wires simply hanging. Appreciate your help.
  18. J

    Wanted: Jacobs Spindle Nose Lathe Chuck 91-C4

    If you are looking for a Jacob rubber flex collet chuck I have one that you can machine a D1-4 backing plate for. They have a plain mount back. $325
  19. J

    Is a 5C collet Chuck what I need?

    You will find a D1-6 far easier than D1-5. Just be patient and keep it in a saved search and it’ll pop up. I have. Two Sjogren Hardinge speed chucks but one is L1 and the other is D1-8 and both are 3J collets. Been trying to sell for a longgggg time. They came with the Plain back 5C Sjogren...