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    Hendey Planer & Shaper way drip cups

    RCPDesigns: It may take a day or two to go through the files to get the information you need about pulley speed and the drip cup dimensions. The cups are a two part assembly, the hanger rod and the cup proper. With all of the moving of my shop, I have had limited time do any research. When...
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    hendey tie bar gear guards

    Eric Teets: Before you can determine if a particular part will fit your machine, you need to determine the year of manufacture. Starting with the first Tie Bar models produced in 1905, design changes were made about every 8 to 10 years with 1913, 1918 and 1922 featuring major changes. Very few...
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    Hendey Lathe #10068

    calcassida: Hendey Lathe No. 10068, a 14 x 6, Cone Head model, was completed during mid-June 1908. It was shipped with a Taper Attachment. The original owner was the Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time this lathe was ordered, Arthur Atwater Kent was...
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    Becker No 25 Horizontal Mill

    rismith58: I have a No.25 Becker Miller that I have used for many years. According to the brochure that was posted for the No.25 miller, the Spindle taper is a B&S No.9, I believe that is an error. My machine takes a B&S No.10 taper. Check your taper again to avoid buying any incorrect tooling...
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    Hendey Norton No 1B Universal Milling Machine Restoration

    RCPDesigns: Hendey originally designated the No.1 size miller as a 1B, but a few years after its introduction it was know as the 1C. This was because after the introduction of the Geared Head Millers (type G), the Belt Driven (type B) was changed to the Cone Head Driven (type C). While the No.1...
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    Hendey Lathe

    CarlJ: When a Hendey Product was made before WW1 the information becomes a bit more scare, but here is what i could find. Hendey Lathe No.13963, a 14" x 6' Cone Head model, was completed during November 1912 and was third lathe built that month. It was shipped with a Taper Attachment and an...
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    Inherited Hendey 12x36 Gearhead

    Dreadnought: Hendey lathe No. 29925, a 12" x 30", 18 Speed Geared Head model, was completed on December 31, 1938. The following information was taken from the original Order Form. Any information in parenthesis is my addendum. Date Ordered - November 10, 1938 Date Started -...
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    Purchasing a Hendey lathe

    Sumo91: What you have posted is he High Speed Reversing Mechanism. First introduced as an externally mounted attachment in 1910 and produced until 1915. Reintroduced in 1937 as an internally installed attachment and later as a standard item, available on most Hendey lathes. Hendeyman
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    Hoping to find some info on Hendey 14x30 lathe serial #36076

    acmeanvil: Hendey lathe No. 36076, a 14" x 30", 18 Speed, Geared Head model was completed on July 26, 1944. The following information was taken from the original Order Form. Any information in parenthesis is my addendum. Date Ordered: March 15, 1944 Date Started: April...
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    Hendey gearhead 12x30

    ir9074: Before I post the history of your lathe, allow me a comment about Serial Number Books. It was very kind of Johnoder to post the page from the Serial Number Book. The information on that page is correct for the lathes if you keep in mind that the serial number represents the last lathe...
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    Otto gas 1 cylinder sold for BIG $. Any connection to Canedy-Otto?

    The Otto and Langen engine is a free piston engine than has a very clever clutch to control the piston. When in operation, the piston sounds like it is trying to leave the building. The clutch mechanism is a bit noisy, but is very sure in operation. The only one I knew of was operating a sack...
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    Hendey 14x30

    Thank you for your kind offer, I will definitely keep it in mind. I should give you a better idea of what we are dealing with. Finding a given drawing in the Hendey files can be a bit time consuming and frustrating. I have been at this for over thirty years and there are times I have asked "...
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    Hendey 14x30

    Mikedulcan: I am doing much better, but I am restricted to working on drawings this week. Next week, light machine work. I have told the history of how I came to be the caretaker of Hendey material, but here is a quick list. Hendey was bought by a corporate raider named Freddy Richman is 1952...
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    1901 Hendey 14X6 Pre-TieBar ConeHead Lathe

    rlsmith58: In figure 117 posted by dundeeshopnut, you will notice a small handle on the right hand face of the Apron, which is used to open and close the Half-Nuts. The handle attaches to the Cam, which is a disc with two curved slots, diametrically opposed. Lugs on the Half-Nuts ride in these...
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    Cincinnati number 4 horizontal/vertical mill

    Smallblack3509: As an addendum to John Odor's post, the "P" in the serial number indicates a Plain Milling Machine and the 19 would indicate that it was the 19th machine of that type built that year. You mentioned that it is also a vertical machine, is it equipped with a vertical attachment or...
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    Hendey 14x30

    Mikedulcan: The following information was taken from the original Order Form. Any information in parenthesis is my addendum. Date Ordered: - May 22, 1947 Date Started: - May 26, 1947 Sold to: - The E. B. Lanman Company, East Chicago...
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    Hendey 14x30

    Mikedulcan: I am recovering from recent surgery, so sitting and typing are a bit tiring. I will post the history of your lathe in a few days, which was well tooled when ordered. To get things rolling, I will tell you that your lathe was completed on June 6, 1947 and that the original owner was...
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    Metric threading on a Hendey 12x30 Gearhead

    skipd1: From Index Plate No. B12-2438, which Johnoder has kindly posted, you will need six Change Gears. They are: 45T, 54T, 63T, 72T, 120T and 127T. The only decision you have to make is which Pressure Angle to choose, 14-1/2 degrees or 20 degrees. The P.A. will depend on what year the lathe...
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    Hendy gears.

    Froneck: Since you have figured out the gears you need to cut metric threads on a No.1 G.P., I thought that this would be a good time to post the various gears necessary to cut metric threads on this lathe. Six gears are usually required, they are: 45T, 54T, 63T, 72T, 120T and 127T. With...