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'06 VM1 not reading t/c arm at 60 degree position.


Jul 10, 2023
Just to be clear, the prox switch is good. I took it out and tested it with a piece of metal and it shows that the arm is at 60 degrees on the T/C page. When I look into the hole that the prox switch screws into, I can see that it looks like the dog that's supposed to trigger the switch is a few degrees short of making it into position. The swingarm DOES make it all the way in to grab the tool. How do I go about adjusting this? HURCO Just say that they recommend a service call. I really don't want to do that if it's a reasonable enough fix for me to do myself.

It sounds to me like the swing arm has shifted on the shaft. The arm mounts using a compression fitting that allows it to rotate around the shaft as well as allowing vertical adjustment.

There are procedures published elsewhere on the web describing the alignment. Basically put a tool holder in the magazine pocket and another in the spindle, using the manual functions put the tool changer into position to grab the tool holders, and tighten the locking bolts on the swing arm. Be careful, when loosened the swing arm can fall!

I have realigned the swing arm on my machine three times. The first time was a failure and required a service call. The last two times it worked fine.

Good luck