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0t--curious case of the Romi-Cazeneuve HBX


Oct 8, 2005
western washington state
stumbled upon video of lathe clearly identifiable as cazeneuve HBX 360 but labeled Romi HBX

presenter notes machine was purchased new 1972 by his father--rebuild by Romi SA--Brazil 2021
he is located in Brazil and extols virtues of this turning machine--which has been stripped of all
plates and badges proclaiming its french maker

having obtained my second HBX 360 3 weeks ago I note era of machine in this video consistent with
generation 1--iron frame/bed casting with hydraulic reeves drive replaced by frequency drive--a modification
I performed in 1998 on my prior HBX--build year 1984--a weldment frame with less substantial bed--a generation 2 unit

to my knowledge Cazeneuve never licensed Romi SA to produce machine clones and given french predeliction
will exhibit apoplexy upon awareness of stripped identity of a cultural icon manifest as the HBX



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