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1" Spindle horizontal mills


Aug 25, 2005
Malvern, PA
Not wanting to spend a few hundred for a milling attachment for my 9" SB lathe, or a lot for a little Atlas, I brought this home for $100 yesterday.


A mill without screw feeds wasn't really what I wanted, but we'll see how it does. Worse case I put the oiler and coolant system on the SB.

Do many other machines use 1" bore cutters? Can I get a few and be able to use them on a future machine?

I expect you are looking at a 1" arbor

I expect you can take it out and put in other sizes of arbors

The are many 1" bore horizontal milling cutters, new and used, on Ebay
Yes. Meant arbor. What I also was asking is if there's a lot of other screw feed horizontal mills that use the 1" bore cutters.

You are in the same boat I am in on the hydraulic feed. I have a Benchmaster that had hydraulic controls. Once I get my shop a bit more together (getting closer by the minute), I'll have the time to build new endplates, get a leadscrew and nut and handwheels from McMaster, and make up some bearings and micrometer dials.

Not only can you get 1" cutters, you can probably get 7/8" and even 1 1/4" arbors for your little mill there. Add shell mill arbors, collet chucks, endmill holders, drill chuck arbors, etc... and they should be relatively cheap.
The Burke #4 has a 1" arbor. (also a 7/8 arbor) The cutters are quite common. Lots of them on eBay and in the Enco/MSC cataloge.

Jim B.