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10EE Apron oiling. What parts are missing and why is this broken?

Leland Means

Nov 16, 2023
Hello experts. I could use some help figuring out what is going on/has gone on in the apron of my 1957 10EE. A previous owner "simplified" some things by removing a part or two and I need to figure out what is what. attached is a group of photos with the basic questions but let me elaborate.
1. I see from another photo that there is an oil line to lube this gear but should there be others?
2. This is the only external line I see on the apron and you can see why it should have clip. Are there any others?
3. The cam follower/teeter totter bronze piece is worn on the arms but also on the shaft. The bronze is well worn but is the shaft wear significant?
4. The follower wear shows that it is not aligned with the cams and is slightly off the edge. Normal?
5. The plunger bracket is broken, has been "welded", and broken again. I have found a replacement but do not want to reassemble something that has so much stress in it that it can break a part like this.
I know I need to replace the follower and hope there is a non Monarch option. I will make a clip for the external line and need to know what the missing lines are like in the top of the apron.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at these issues. Your efforts are so very much appreciated.
apron issues.jpg
The second missing line goes to the second feed clutch shaft, immediately above in your picture. Maybe the clutch housing is in upside down, there should be a visible oil hole.

The one-way valve is actually a metering valve, or a pressure relief valve, it goes in the threaded hole to the right.

In photo 2 you are missing the cover for the assembly

In photo 4and 5, you can build up the bar by welding. The not centered is ok. I don't know why it broke, never saw it before. Does the pump shaft move?
Thanks for taking a look at my stuff. Now I see where the line goes. It looks like it needs a clip or keeper to keep it in position.
Sorry, I meant to write metering valve.
The cover is off for the picture to show where the threaded hole for the clip goes.
The bar shows that it has been built up before with brass. I guess i will use the factory drawing for a pattern as to how far to build it up since that's all I got to go by. The pump moves just fine.
The broken housing may just remain a mystery...I hope.
That seems possible but it sure must have been some lateral motion to break out the side. Interesting that it seemed to happen twice even though for the second time the tig weld on the iron casting had to be quite weak. But if I look at the arm compared to the drawing the right side sure is bent downward.
Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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The missing Bijur valve is a pressure relief valve (15PSI, IIRC), not a metering device like the rest of the Bijur fittings. Monarch should be able to provide you with the correct valve.
Thanks Cal. It is certainly a mystery what other people were thinking when they made the decisions they did. Like removing some oil lines, trying to silicone others in place, removing valves, etc.