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10ee apron to feed rod/leadscrew measurement


Cast Iron
Apr 5, 2002
Manchester, MI USA
Does anyone have the measurement for the distance from the top of the apron to the center of the leadscrew and feed rod on the 10ee? Are they the same for the round dial and square dial?

I ran across one mention of 6.725 for the feed rod and maybe 3 for the leadscrew.

Whether I'm going to have any issues when using a later square dial apron on a '42 round dial. Why use the later apron? Because that's what came with the mound of parts I got when I bought this project. The lathe had been tipped and presumably the original apron bore the brunt of the fall. There was nothing from the original apron except for a few gears.
Round-dial and square-dials have different gearboxes. I would be surprised if the feed-rod and leadscrew of a round-dial would line up with a square-dial apron, but I suppose it's possible. However, I doubt very much if you can mate a square-dial apron to a round-dial carriage.

Do you have the square-dial apron in hand, or are you considering buying one?
When I aligned my square dial saddle when refitting with Moglice I put it 2.5" above the top of the lead screw. So 3" above the lead screw centerline. I think it's 6.375 from the top of the feed rod.
There are threads in this forum about people who have done what you are asking about, i.e mating round dial and square dial saddles, aprons and beds. Do some searching... I don't recall if any of them were successful.
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