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10EE Round Dial - fwd/rev S-D contactor


Hot Rolled
Apr 27, 2011
Central Wisconsin
I thought perhaps the missing components could have something to do with dynamic braking. Could this be the scenario——
Without the braking relay, switching back and forth from forward to reverse could be dangerous to other components?? That’s why it originally worked in reverse, then completely failed after secondary damage?
It still doesn’t explain the original issue.
I’m trying to soak up knowledge here, but there is so much to sift thru.
I do appreciate the help.

My DB relays are labeled as CX3334, the EE2287 drawing labels it as CXD1350.

After shaking the cob webs out of my brain I recalled that Cal called it a "Full Field" relay as it applies full field voltage to the main drive motor is turned off. This helps brake the main motor when turned off.

This relay missing will not impact the operation of the drive other than the braking action when the motor is turned off.

This is not your problem. The drive will run without it and don't see how it will cause any damage.


Feb 9, 2019
Had assistance checking out this Reliance motor.
Not good, and the estimate to repair doesnt seem cost effective to me.
Guess I'll be going a different route.