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10L QC Gearbox Bushing Question (Single Tumbler)


May 23, 2012
More updates..
The process of cleaning and getting all the muck out is extensive. It seems and has become a familiar path that Mr. Murphy clearly lives close by. The more I di into this the more issues I am finding which in turn generate more questions - like a self licking lollipop.
I had to drill and re-tap the oil passage screws on each end of the clutch shaft - couldn't get those original screw out no matter what. Glad I did in that the oiled passages were really clogged.
I was able to turn the end of each shaft (clutch gear & cone gear) for the new bronze bearings and also make both bearings that fit perfectly. I cut the new keyways with a broach for the felts. When I compared the new bearings to the old ones (an I am assuming the old ones were original to the machine) I dawned on me that when I install them in the housing - if I mimic the orientation of the old bearings - the keyway for one oiler felt does not align with the oil passage hole & Gits cover. The other ones does. Is this a mistake? Should they align so the lubrication flows directly to the felt keeping the shaft and bearing lubricated? Or if not - should I machine in a small oil groove on the ID of that bushing to allow the felt to get oil from the passage/Git cover?


Jul 9, 2010
Virginia, USA
I would do whatever it takes to get oil to that felt. In the past, when I have an assembly that I cannot align for some reason, I have cut a groove in the OD of the bearing, and added oil ports into that channel. You probably don't need anything that drastic.