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14" Hendey Lathe for sale in CT


Oct 4, 2021
Hello all, new poster here. I am trying to help sell my dad's lathe since he is no longer able to lift heavy objects. Within his 94 years he made a number of live steam locomotives with this machine and he kept it in excellent working order. I believe it still works very well considering its age. It is located in his basement in Kent, CT and I will need help getting it out of the basement, so that is kind of a condition of sale. I would appreciate any advice anybody may have on the value of the machine and/or how to get it our of the basement etc. We'd like to get around $1500 for it, but again if this is not realistic (or too low) please feel free to comment. There are quite a few extra tools as shown in the photos, including a 4 jaw chuck, tail chuck and the taper attachment. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information or photos.


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