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15x54 Cincinnati Hydrashift (Central Ohio)


Nov 10, 2020
Central Ohio
I have an awesome Cincinnati Hydrashift lathe for sale. Located in Sunbury, Ohio.

This lathe is mechanically in great shape. It shifts without any issues and all the headstock gears are quiet with no broken teeth like many LeBlonds.

The lathe is currently under power and you can see it run before purchasing it. It runs off three phase and I run it off a rotary phase converter.

The lathe has some wear and might need some minor fixes to get it back into tip top shape but it runs fine as it is now.

This lathe comes equipped with a three jaw d1-6 camlock chuck which is more rare for the Cincinnati’s as they normally have L style spindles. I originally bought this lathe since it had the camlock spindle which are a lot easier to find chucks for and a better design in my opinion.

The only reason I’m selling the lathe is since it really is too big for the work I do. I purchased this lathe thinking I would use it more but 99% of the work I do I use my smaller 12x20 lathe.

I am asking $2750

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I can load the lathe and also deliver it for a fee.