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1862 Cushman 6" 3 jaw chuck S/N 22

Mar 12, 2005
Metro NY, USA
Season's Greetings! Please view the attached images of an 1862 Cushman 6" 3 jaw chuck we have in inventory. When we first got this chuck, it had VERY worn jaws. They were all rounded down. As most of us are used to case hardened 1-piece jaws, the wear pattern was unusual. As well, the jaws were about 1 1/2 times higher than jaws on a modern chuck of the same size. We machined the back plate to 1 5/8" x 8 tpi to fit our restored 1857-65 New York Steam / Putman and 1924 11" x5' SBL lathe. Since the jaws were so badly worn, we machined then. Now, here was the proof of the age of the chuck's age. As we machined them they were very soft and we were expecting some difficult cutting from case hardening. NOT the situation here - as we cut the steps - "grain" started to show up. This "grain" is shown in the images. It turns out these jaws are wrought iron! We only have witnessed that material on our earliest machines.cush1.JPGcush2.jpgcush3.jpgcush4.jpgcush5.jpgcush6.jpg