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1918 JT Slocomb Ephemera Included in Micrometer Box


Oct 24, 2023
Providence, Rhode Island
Just finished digitizing and uploading this group of ephemera to archive.org. These items were originally included with the micrometer when purchased.

The appx. date of printing is confirmed by the mention of Catalog No. 15, which was published in 1918.

One unique detail is that the micrometer adjustment instruction sheet is printed on white paper, compared to the usual red paper. We are still researching as to when the change was made between the two.

Here are the links to each item:

J.T. Slocomb 1918 Micrometer Adjustment Instructions​

J.T. Slocomb - Micrometer No. 26 Leaflet 191​

J.T. Slocomb Micrometer Cases Leaflet From 1918​

J.T. Slocomb 1918 Decimal Chart​

More uploads will be coming soon.

---Spyke, JTSlocomb.org