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1940's Monarch Promo Film

Don's Engine

May 29, 2020
WOW< great video. Wish we could still get nice Monarch turned fasteners like they're making in the intro. Thanks for sharing that. Don


Oct 7, 2004
Grayslake, IL
Monarch Lathe Company - THE TURNING POINT - 1940s Promotional 16mm Film - YouTube

this is one of about 50 machine shop films that i just gave to a pea hicks . i had them for

about 25 years . i got them from san diego city collage they were going to trash them after they were copied over to vhs tapes so a big

thank you for pea hicks for getting out there so we can enjoy them
Thanks for the post. I meet the cameraman, Jack Castle, when I worked at Monarch. He was retired by then. A really nice guy, and talented. He was the in house photographer for most of his career.