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1942 monarch 10ee round dial for sale!

Anyone interested in that 10EE and worried about distance. There's a site online that you can google for transport bids. These truck companies want their trucks full when they're on the road and will pick up whatever extra they can get along the routes. Kansas is nice as there's lots of truck traffic through there so a good deal may be had. Just an example. I had my 10EE moved from Illinois to Florida $250 A mill for our shop, Vermont to Florida $525 Most recently we added a larger 18X54 to the shop California to Florida $850. Just need to get the dimensions, weight and locations in. Sometimes you'll have to ensure that it can be loaded and unloaded at each end. Just my 2c
Don, what is the name of the on line site that you can google for bids on transportation bids ?

I don't remember the one I used in particular, it may have been frieghtquote. I just googled freight bidding. I still get emails for hauling for the company we used most. Its a place out of Indiana, they took care of business real quick
Out of curiosity, and assuming 3quality72521 doesn't get it.

How far away is that lathe from Lucas KS?