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1956 Cincinnati Horizontal Mill help


May 11, 2021
I am an industrial mechanic at this company I just started working for and I do not have much background in mills especially old ones. I have ran a few Bridgeports just do do some minor machining but that is my extent in dealing with mills. We have an old Cincinnati mill serial number 2J3p5d-28 and the power feed is not working. I can get the table to move back in forth in rapid travers mode but it is not moving with the normal traverse mode. When I started working here this mill was not running so I haven't actually seen it run. I should also state that this mill looks to have an attachment that was added at some point that allows a giant cut off wheel to be added and it is powered by a motor that was added. They don't actually use the main spindle. I've talked to a few operators who just run it and don't know anything else about it and they explained to me how it used to run. I have read a few other posts on this page and some have said that it will not traverse without the spindle spinning but I opened the back cover where the main spindle motor is and the hydraulic pump and the dust was built up so high on the sheave that I don't think that motor has ran in quite some time. When I push the start button that the operators use it just starts the motor that is attached to the knee on the right side and then there is another button to start the motor attachment they use for the cutoff wheel. I have a few pictures I will attach but any help is appreciated. I also can't seem to add pictures to here from my computer. It keeps giving me an error so I uploaded them to imager.

Cincinnati mill - Album on Imgur