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1980's vintage Tschudin HTG-610 Work Head Speed Control


Apr 9, 2022
Hi -

We acquired a Tschudin HTG-610 grinder from another division. We are trying to get the machine running. Everything seems okay but for some reason we cannot change the speed of the work head. The small hand crank does not budge. Took the handle and assembly apart and it has a small bevel gear that supposed to turn a mating gear inside the work head but that is all that I can see in the small hole. Has anyone had any experience with these heads? Am I missing something? The work head turns under power no problem. I can engage and disengage the center, etc. Just can't get the darn crank to turn so the speed won't change! Before I take it all apart (which I really don't want to do) I thought I would ask. Maybe I am missing something?

Thanks in advance.