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1994? Bridgeport Explorer - some issues, for parts or fix it up


Jan 10, 2019
State College
1993-1994 Bridgeport Explorer

Location: State College, PA

Asking $1500 Cash obo. Keep in mind, EMI will pay me 850 dollars to mail them 4 boards and scrap the rest. Which is easiest for everyone, unless you give me cash and have fun with it instead.

Won't ship, won't deliver, will assist in loading, and if you're QUICK and can have a truck/trailer and cash there on Tuesday 11/26, we will have a forklift available to load it for you. Any other time will require you to pay around 450-500 from a local place to have a forklift dropped for you to load it.

We are a father son team with no time for b.s. I'll answer a few questions and supply more photos to any serious, but otherwise all the information you need to make a decision should be in this post. We have two new machines being delivered on Tuesday and need this girl gone.

The bad [emoji17]

Biggest thing of all, the machine was dropped by yours truly. It had a miraculously soft landing on the vices/table onto 2 steel carts before hitting the concrete. We slung it and got it up with barely any noticable damage, other then the electrical cabinet getting bent, etc. As of right now, the machine powers on and functions 100% as it should except there is a problem when calling to turn the spindle on. After talking with EMI, It is more then likely a simple fix that will require some time and familiarity with a voltmeter to find the loose connection.

Second, it needs some work in the gearbox by someone who wants to put in the work, it runs fine, high and low, but I believe a tooth is missing somewhere, it is loud.

The good [emoji16]

-Spindle motor rebuilt, new bearings everything inspected and repaired 2 months ago.

-new power supply
-new bmdc board
-new motherboard
-replaced varidisk bushings and belt
-new drawbar
and other odds and ends in the last 2-4 months.

-machine comes with 10-12 tool holders, collects, etc., manuals, schematics,

-In the last 6 months I have made around 250-300 parts on it, and it is still quite accurate +/- .001 - . 002 on general aluminum and plastics. (or was at least).

This machine is probably best for someone who wants a project. It has a lot of potential. Our company is growing, though, and we do not have time to mess with it any further. Thanks.

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