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1999 Kitamura Mycenter 2xi with Fanuc 16i-M alarm


Mar 7, 2024
Recently purchased a 1999 Kitamura Mycenter 2xi with the Fanuc 16i-M control at auction.
I looked at the machine prior to the auction and everything functioned as it should.
After moving it to my shop, I am getting a "Low Air Pressure" alarm (2002) and I cannot move any axis on the machine as it's in an EMG alarm state. I have tried to hold up the 2ndLS switch while in the lowest setting on the MPG, still nothing.
I ohm tested the e-stop button and functions as it should.
Machine requires roughly 60 psi. I've ran 100psi and have tried to bypass the regulator to see if it functions, which I still get the same alarm. Also tried hooking up 2 3/8 air lines to the machine inlet to increase volume, still did not work.
I do have the coolant pump connected to the machine, but do not have the hose hooked to the spindle chiller as the tank is empty(I don't think this would make a difference?)
2ndLS LED is illuminated and machine axis are all roughly in middle of the travel.

My Setup:
80 gal air compressor Max 15.6cfm
Air Dryer - 106 cfm
3/8 air lines
20 HP Rotary Phase Converter
  1. L1-L2 = 246.4v
  2. L1-L3 = 259.3v
  3. L2-L3 = 259.7v
  4. T1-G = 123.6
  5. T2-G = 122.5
  6. T3-G = 232.5
Any help or ideas of next steps would be greatly appreciated!
I have attached a list that displays under the "Custom" button


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What do you mean coolant isn't hooked to spindle chiller and it's empty?

Spindle chiller cools the oil that flows through the headstock. It must be full or you'll burn up the pump.

Did you test the air pressure switch?

Does it have an air counterbalance?

Did someone add a 2nd air connection?

I modified my kitamura to split the tool air off from the counterbalance air. That way I won't get low air alarms with z rapids and airblast on.
So many odd things happening here on a previously running machine.

Who took it apart for moving? Who put it back together? Was wiring disconnected for the move? If so, was the re-wiring done correctly?

Who set up the rotary with those too high of voltages? Get those down to 220-240 area.

Who wired it and checked phase rotation?

Do you have the electrical diagram and ladder documentation?

In other words fill in the rest of the story. Otherwise you'll just get mostly random ideas.
Looking over the screens it looks like there is no air hooked up. The air/oil unit alarm is also from low air pressure.

The toolchanger inverter alarm is probably from the 259 volts you're feeding it. Those things are super sensitive to voltage spikes.

That voltage is way too high.
Is there more than 1 e-stop button? I would expect one at the chip conveyor and maybe ATC. I don't have a mycenter 2xi but do have a Hx400if from 2005.

The status page says the Estop circuit is NG. Not sure what other things cause Estop state in your machine.

Agree voltages are too high but I am doubting that's the actual cause here. Starting to think this might be the problem. Also agree with above, are you sure the phase rotation is proper?

Edit: your screen says main estop NG, while there are other statuses for the other estops on your machine.

I would be looking to address that first, not the air. Kinda makes me think something is loose or disconnected or blown, electrically.
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