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2 axis Lathe with Sub-Spindle


Aug 27, 2021
Does anyone know of a builder that offers a sub-spindle lathe without live tooling and Y axis?
It used to be more common to see machines with a sub and no live tooling. I'm sure you could find a used one. I did a little searching and was striking out everywhere until I saw that Yama Seiki seems to still offer machines like this. You'd have to call your local dealer to find out if any are actually stocked in the U.S.
Miyano BNA lathes have a sub and no Y, but the do have live tools (C only), for a reasonable cost.
Mazak still makes their Dual Turn machines which have a sub spindle but no milling. 8" chuck size machine. These machines have dual turrets so the machine can cut on both spindles at the same time.