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2 issues with latest SW upgrade


Sep 6, 2007
Seattle, Washington
1. There used to be a "Daily Posts" in addition to "New Posts". It seems to be gone now. "New Posts" a PITA, IMO, since you can't re-read a post. Once you read it, it is no longer "New" and so it doesn't show up in the "New Posts" list.

2. No static URL for "New Posts" that I can save in my browser Favorites -- the URL is ever-changing, since it contains the most recent post #. Example:


The old SW had this static URL:

That URL (or "getnew" instead of "getdaily") no longer works

Ron Hofer

Hot Rolled
Jul 7, 2007
Brookfield, WI
I'm also baffled by the "Similar threads" feature, if it can be called that. The 'similar threads' for this post have nothing to do with the a discussion of the format for the site itself.