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2 New Haas Machines and ???


May 11, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, USA
I took your advice and swapped my mill to Hangsterfer's 5080 just last week.... So far I am not impressed. This stuff smells strong and hits me like mustard gas. I cannot breath at all when I open the doors to my mill or it will choke me out, and this is without any "fog" being generated in my machining processes. The vapor just burns to breath, it's a dreadful sensation. Granted I mixed it a too heavy, 14% at first, then diluted to 11%. I will hope for the best as I dilute it down to 6-7%. If I get it to 6-7% and it is still intolerable I'm going to follow you around this forum every time you recommend the stuff and un-recommend it.
Please let me know how it works out for you. It doesn't bother me at all, but I might just be used to it after eight years.

Mr. Atoz

Oct 5, 2022
My coolant recommendation would be to use a "full synthetic," or other totally bio-hard coolant, to avoid ever having the sump go foul. You really can't have your coolant go foul in your situation. It's a tedious multi-step process to get the sump clean again, and it's probably just going to foul faster the next time. Sour or rotten smelling coolant will probably also scare students away from the industry. Unquote

I was just reading a thread about new Haas mills and how the synthetic coolant they were using was damaging the way covers through corrosion. No experience with that myself, but something to look into.


Oct 24, 2009
I went with Trim Sol based on cost and availability. So far so good in both machines. I'm working on getting in with Master Fluid Solutions so I can buy it direct.


Feb 24, 2009
Midwestern MN/Wi USA
I would rate coolant like this from being around it and seeing sump life..ect. For general machining

#1 Castro 50 (about what you would expect a chemical to smell like, long life) Blaser (milky goodness) Sterlingcool (starts out like smelli g like downy, ends up like cinnamon)
#2 Qualichem (really could be #1), Hangsferster(goes to crap from oily steel, Starts off yellow/clear)
#3 not worth it....including anything cimcool...ect


Oct 10, 2017
Ive been using Trim MicroSol 585XT in my mills, I have not been getting great sump life. I was using Qualichem but they discontinued the formula I was using so we switched to Trim. Our lathes have been running Trim SOL for 9 years. But it seems like they changed the Formula in the last couple years and it hasnt been lasting very long.

We are trying AFT out of Michigan in a few machines.