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20" G&E Shaper - Unloading and eventual power up


Dec 10, 2020
This a link to the post where this machine originally was noted on PM.

Was COLD the day I picked it up. But the sun was out! No pictures of the actual loading...you know how it is...focused on safely loading vs pictures.

Strapped and chained for 1,100+ mile trip home

loaded edit.jpg

Didn't know until I tried if the Tak would have enough 'oomph' to unload the shaper. The answer was 'yes'...kind of. The Tak could lift with curl but not the boom. The boom did work well for a slow lowering to the ground after moving the trailer out from underneath.

unload 1.jpg

After the Shaper was on the ground the Tak could only pick it up about 3-4". That was enough to move it into the shop...I thought...but not really because the shop door is only 14' tall.

unload 2.jpg

I thought maybe if I got forks under the shaper I could scoot it backwards into the shop. Nope. Farmal 656 would not move it.
unload 4 edit.jpg

Next step...call a neighbor with a bigger tractor. It was getting late. Good friends are a blessing. Especially ones that are up for an adventure.unload 5.jpg

And here is where the shaper will reside. I can move it with my 5K pallet jack. Barely! Don't think I'll have time to clean it up/fire it up until winter. The serial number indicates 1941 production year so that's pretty cool. Came with all the handles. Looks to be overall in very good condition. And has power down feed!unload 6 edit.jpg

Thanks for looking.


Nov 30, 2018
Michigan, USA
A couple months ago I went 200 miles each way for a Cinci 16" HD. I thought I'd be good with my F150 (tow rating 10.5k) and an 8k trailer on a pintle, and I was. But it felt like if I had eaten lunch that day I might not have been able to haul it back home!