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2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization


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Oct 7, 2006
Petaluma CA 94952
Want to run a job today and the door safety switch started acting up. It does this once and a while and I just do a soft reset and proceed. Machine was running ok for an hour of two setting up tools before this happened. Then it threw a 53+ error and I had to restart. I tried adjusting the door key stop as that has helped before, restarted then it wouldn't get past I01 initialization by pressing ON and CLEAR buttons. I had a spare new euchner switch not exact pn but the same type red contractors inside. Swapped out the contractors no change. I checked all the control relay contactors and all seem ok with no high resistance.

I did notice before changing the red contractors and after that the switch keep magnet was on whether the door was closed or not. Pin 3 on the euchner barrier was hot, 24vdc. Maybe that little circuit board that controls the magnet is bad?

Anyone have a similar problem on their DMU50V?

Ok I put the machine into diagnostics mode (rubber band on the 7S2 switch and it initialized! I moved the axis around some and then was able to restart normally. Ive been running a warmup program for the past 10 min.
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So Im still getting X 053+ errors once and a while. I think its the X axis servo section failing. The error is "Drive not responding". This is a fatal error and requires a control restart. Im still getting the Z04+ errors when closing the door. This is a "Max following error too large". These are non fatal errors and are gone after pressing control/clear buttons.
Replaced the 16K31 contractor in the cabinet. One of three that controls the safety circuit. A used contractor but tested good. Started getting E60 and E61 errors along with the other ones. Swapped the relay out with the original and still getting the Z04 error when closing the door. Now getting the X053 errors too often to make parts. Bought another X axis power module.
This sounds an awful lot like what was happening to me earlier this year:
I never got it figured out though. One thing that seemed to help for me was avoiding setup mode.
abelcnc replaced a k switch to fix his. Try manually flipping the k switches to see if any are sticky. It seemed to happen less frequently when I was operating it continuously (in other words, warmed up some...less sticky after constant use).
One thing i was considering was sending all of them to EIC repair to get them diagnosed. Even if they don't find anything, they return everything squeaky clean...for FREE!!
Eventually got an irrecoverable S158 (high res meas sys input) which i think has to do with the glass scale. It may or may not be related to the door problems. You had responded to it, and I just haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. Part of me wants to give up on it, and another part of me loves it too much.

EDIT: actually reading through your post again, I think the 53+ was something I got when I first got the machine. It turned out the handle e-stop was loose and the wires were twisted up. check your e-stop wiring. Also try cleaning out your handle plug elements, because that was also a problem on mine.
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Im guessing it needs to have the caps replaced on either the output module, a bad IGBT, (ordered a new one), or bad caps on the DDC2 board. I searched far and wide for a manual on the Heidenhain DDC2 boards to figure out if I could swap test to another axis and there is no info on those boards online or any indication that is possible to test that way.
As of today, if I start the machine, it will stay running for about 5 min if I dont move anything. If I reference and run a warmup program, I cant run for more than a minute or so. Either way, I get the X 53+ error which is "drive not responding" the + means a second error. That error is "emergency stop from machine tool". Dont know if one or the other is the primary error. I guess it could be a drive problem that calls and estop, or some issue with the e stop chain that stops the drive. Its always the x drive designation though.
Error I01 indicates that the 24V on the IO80 modules is missing. It is probably related to X53 error /E-Stop.
If it is not the E-Stop chain, with all the related switches (see DMU50V electrical diagram) ,
It looks a bit like a DDC2 problem. It can be very easily diagnosed by swapping the DDC2 to other axis.
All that has to be done is to change the addressing of the 2 DDC2 modules on the S1 HEX switch.
Don't forget to mark the original setting on the modules. See THB_V330_DDC2.pdf

We can always test the modules if you want. We are pgh-controlparts.com the internet shop of Robtec Automations GmbH based in Leipzig, Germany. We have sent you our email address on the forum messages.
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